Tips for travelers

with changes in their vision

Older couple taking a selfie togther while traveling.

Tips to make traveling, vacations and day trips easier when you have changes in vision.

Make a list in advance of important tasks to prepare for your trip.

Break up bigger tasks into smaller steps.

Plan your itinerary and your routes to get to any destination.

Use navigation apps where available.

Choose and research locations to visit in advance of your trip.

Visit event and location websites to learn about them in advance. Call, text, chat, and/or email to learn more.

Look for accessibility features that help you E.g., free admission for sighted guide dog.

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Happy Travels!

This tip sheet was co-constructed by Sensory Friendly Solutions and 55+ Travelers: Arriving and Thriving audio conference guest Shelley Ann Morris.

Include things like airports, hotels, public transport, and restaurants in your research. The more you know in advance, the better!

Make arrangements if you have a guide dog.

If you have to complete forms, arrange for assistance or have the form available to you in an accessible format.

Provide feedback about your travel experiences - mention any concerns or issues you may have experienced.

If you have had a good travel experience, let events and locations know too! Telling people what they did, “right” is just as important as letting they know what to improve.

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