Visual Communication Strategies:

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These strategies will help you serve travelers who are 55+ with changes in vision, and, in fact, help make everyone’s experience better.


  1. Location and events.
  2. Digital and print communication.
  3. Performances.
  4. On-site tours.
  5. Restaurants.
  6. Museums.
  7. Hotels.
  8. Transportation (train, bus, airplane).

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1. Location and events:

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2. Digital and print communication:

3. Performances:

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4. On-site tours:

5. Restaurants:

6. Museums:

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7. Hotels:

8. Transportation (trains, bus, airplanes):

This tip sheet was co-constructed by Sensory Friendly Solutions and 55+ Travelers: Arriving and Thriving audio conference guest Shelley Ann Morris.

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