A Sensory Friendly Trick or Treating Story

Halloween is here. I can dress up in a costume. I can look different than I do every day. My costume will feel different from the clothes I usually wear. I am OK.

When I visit the other homes on Halloween, it is called “trick-or-treating.” I can visit the other houses on the street where I live. I can visit friends and family at their homes. I will walk outside more on Halloween. I will see other people walking outside too.

Some people may want to know more about my costume. They might ask, “What are you?” I can tell them about my costume. I can ask about their costume too. I will talk to more people when out trick or treating.

I will see some scary costumes. It is OK. Some people wear scary costumes for Halloween. I will see some silly costumes. I can laugh at the silly costumes. I will see some costumes that I

like. I can say, “I like your costume” to the person wearing it.

When I visit other houses, I can knock on the door or ring the doorbell. I can say, “trick or treat.” The people who answer the door will give me a treat. I will put the treat in my bag. I can say, “Happy Halloween.” I can also say, “Thank- you.” I can then go to another house.

Halloween is exciting. I will see a lot of people outside going trick or treating. I will hear a lot more noises. I might hear spooky Halloween music. I will see a lot more Halloween decorations outside. I will smell more smells from the candy that is given out as treats too.

Sometimes I will need to take a break. I can take five deep breaths in a row when I am too excited.

I can have fun on Halloween too. Happy Halloween!