Affirmations for Sensory Friendly Trick or Treating

We offer a visit to our home that includes an extra dose of patience and understanding.

We keep it simple; we limit our questions and comments.

  1. We offer a visit without music or noise in the background.

  2. We offer a visit without extra flashing lights.

  3. We offer a visit without moving decorations.

  4. We offer a visit that has reduced scents.

  5. We offer a visit without intentionally surprising or scaring trick or treaters.

A Sensory Friendly

Trick or Treating Story

Halloween is here. I can dress up in a costume. I can look different than I do every day. My costume will feel different from the clothes I usually wear. I am OK.

When I visit the other houses on Halloween, it is called “trick-ortreating.”

I can visit the other houses on the street where I live. I can visit

friends and family at their homes. I will walk outside more on Halloween. I will see other people walking outside too.

Some people may want to know more about my costume. They might ask, “What are you?” I can tell them about my costume. I can ask about their costume too. I will talk to more people when out trick or treating.

I will see some scary costumes. It is OK. Some people wear scary costumes for Halloween. I will see some silly costumes. I can laugh at the silly costumes. I will see some costumes that I like. I can say, “I like your costume” to the person wearing it.

When I visit other houses, I can knock on the door or ring the doorbell.

I can say, “trick or treat.” The people who answer the door will give me a treat. I will put the treat in my bag. I can say, “Happy Halloween.” I can also say, “Thank-you.” I can then go to another house.

Halloween is exciting. I will see a lot of people outside going trick or treating. I will hear a lot more noises. I might hear spooky Halloween music. I will see a lot more Halloween decorations outside. I will smell more smells from the candy that is given out as treats too.

Sometimes I will need to take a break. I can take five deep breaths in a row when I am too excited.

I can have fun on Halloween too.

Sensory Friendly Trick or Treating Offered Here

Sensory Friendly Trick or Treating Offered Here

Dear Reader,

Thank you for downloading the Sensory Friendly Halloween Guide.

Halloween is very much a sensory-rich time. Trick or treating and Halloween parties can be overwhelming for many children. Making small changes

can ensure your house or party is sensory-friendly and includes many more children in the fun.

I founded Sensory Friendly Solutions to help parents, families, and caregivers, who all struggle with everyday activities due to their child’s sensory challenges. I have adult-onset hearing loss and experience sensory sensitivity and sensory overload too.

Sensory Friendly Solutions’ resources will help you learn more about sensory challenges and discover sensory-friendly solutions.

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