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What does sensory-friendly mean?

First, know that sensory refers to any one or more of your eight senses.  Second, your senses are what you see, hear, taste, touch, smell.  But also include your sense of movement, balance, and internal body sense.  That is to say, yes indeed you have more than 5 senses.  You probably have more than 8!

Meanwhile, friendly in this context means that there is an effort to change the experience.  To have fewer challenges for the senses.  For instance, think of the expression that “less is more”.  As a result, sensory-friendly means that the sensory experience it toned down.  It makes make it more pleasant.

So less of an assault on a sense.  Or less bothersome to more than one sense.  To clarify, sensory-friendly often means less background noise.  It likely also means less sudden noises.  As well, sensory-friendly means less bright, flickering, or flashing lights.  Also, it can include scent-free as an example too.  Many other changes help something become sensory-friendly.  Our blog posts explore different examples.

Meanwhile, there is help for people trying to navigate a sensory-friendly world.  To clarify, people with sensory sensitivity experience sensory overload in daily life.  This is also a problem for their families.  Moreover, it can be a challenge for their friends, educators, and caregivers.  These are all people who are looking for a sensory-friendly way of living.  Now, there is a solution to that problem with our Sensory Friendly Finder.

Sensory-Friendly Finder

Did you know you can discover what is sensory-friendly?  As well, you can share sensory-friendly events, places, products, and services!  For instance, you can do so in your hometown.  But you can also do so abroad when you travel.  You can do this all through the Sensory Friendly Finder.

The Sensory-Friendly Finder is an online tool.  It works on your phone or tablet too.  It is meant to help people with sensory sensitivities.  Because it helps them find events, places, products, and services.  Things they are looking for in everyday life.  As well as things they look for when they travel.  Importantly, it includes things that are sensory-friendly and meets their needs.

Additionally, sensory-friendly businesses and providers are emerging every day.  And they are doing so around the world.  Furthermore, their numbers are always increasing.  Events, places, products, and services are becoming sensory-friendly. They do so to help people with sensory sensitivities.  We launched in September 2019.  To start, we had 400 listings.  However, by December 2019, we had over 600 listings.  Moreover, the Sensory-Friendly Finder is FREE to access.  ANYONE can suggest whatever they find is sensory-friendly.  And they can do so ANYWHERE in the world.   Importantly, we review each suggested listing.

However, there are many different phrases that describe sensory-friendly.  That is because being sensory-friendly helps people with many different underlying conditions.  Examples are anxiety, autism, concussion, hearing loss, PTSD.

Examples of words used to describe sensory-friendly:

  • Accessible
  • Autism-friendly
  • Autism hour
  • Calmer
  • Calming
  • Child-friendly
  • Children-friendly
  • Family-friendly
  • Inclusion
  • Inclusive
  • Kid-friendly
  • Low sensory
  • Multi-sensory
  • Quiet environment
  • Quiet hours
  • Quiet space
  • Quiet time
  • Quiet zone
  • Relaxed __________
  • Relaxed performance
  • Relaxed setting
  • Sensorial needs
  • Sensory days
  • Sensory experiences
  • Sensory-friendly ___________
  • Sensory-free
  • Sensory hours
  • Sensory inclusion
  • Sensory-inclusive
  • Sensory-relaxed
  • Sensory sensitive
  • Sensory showtimes
  • Sensory Saturdays
  • Sensory Sundays
  • Special needs
  • Tranquility
  • Understanding environment
  • Veteran-friendly

Why sensory-friendly?

Do you wonder how to help yourself?  Maybe you want to help your child with sensory sensitivity?  Firstly, choose to go to events, places and businesses that are sensory-friendly.  Places that are sensory-friendly have made an effort to be accommodating.  For example, they turn bright lights down.  Likewise, they often turn off background noise.

Our Sensory Friendly Finder is online and mobile for you.  As well, it is designed to provide an updated listing of sensory-friendly businesses and organizations.  It includes retail, restaurants, service providers, performance venues, tourist attractions, and so on.  What is more, it includes businesses and organizations catering to people who are seeking sensory-friendly experiences. People do so because of sensory sensitivity.  At Sensory Friendly Solutions we work hard to gather events, locations, products, and services.  Moreover, we gather them from across the globe.  We include those that self-identify as being sensory-friendly.  Similarly, we include any of the words used to describe sensory-friendly.  Nevertheless, we do review them all.  This is our first step in setting a global sensory-friendly standard.  First, we gather. Then we review together.  Finally, we are constantly updating the Sensory Friendly Finder.

Who adopts this approach?

The world is increasingly busy, loud, and often overwhelming.  More people are looking for a way to enjoy life.  Furthermore, people want to avoid sensory overload.  This includes people with several conditions, disabilities or challenges.  Many of them are occurring more often.  Examples are anxiety, autism, concussion, dementia, and PTSD.  People with sensory sensitivity look for sensory-friendly at home.  But also in their community.  Also, at school, and work.  Sensory-friendly means people can identify events, places, products or services that meet their needs.

On the other hand, many organizations and businesses are looking for ways to accommodate clients.  They want to help this large and growing group of people. Furthermore, they want to build an inclusive environment.  Specifically, that helps their customers as well as their employees.  Moreover, the Sensory-Friendly Finder provides businesses with a special opportunity.  They can list their event, place, product or service.  It is the one place where those with sensory sensitivities can easily find this much-needed information

If you are a business or organization looking for help to become sensory-friendly, reach out to us.

What types of businesses or organizations?

In December 2019, we had 32 categories of events, places, products, and services that were sensory-friendly.  Examples are hotels, tourist attractions, movie theatres, performance theatres, grocery stores, and shopping malls.  Similarly, health care providers, colleges and universities and workplaces are also coming on board.  As well as airports, airplanes, and trains.  To clarify, you can read more about the meaning of sensory-friendly and who adopts this approach in a newspaper article. Sensory Friendly Solutions founder Christel Seeberger was interviewed for it.

The launch of the Sensory Friendly Finder is the first step towards setting a global sensory-friendly standard.  Because we gather the information together, it helps to make the world inclusive.  That is important to a large segment of our population.  About one-third who are sensory sensitive.  And the number of people with sensory sensitivity is growing.  Nevertheless, right now, the meaning of sensory-friendly is varied.  That is OK!  Because we bring together all the events, locations, products and services who adopt this approach.  In doing so, we can give better sensory-friendly meaning!


Elaine and John Shannon of Rothesay, New Brunswick, Canada had this to say,

We wish the Sensory Friendly Finder had been created 20 years ago!  Traveling and shopping with our family, including our son with autism, was a constant challenge when our children were growing up.  We never knew where we could go out as a family to eat.  Would it be a noisy, crowded restaurant?  Would our son be able to cope?  Would we have to leave our meal half-eaten?  We wasted a lot of time and money over the years.  Shopping was always a nightmare too. We could not even go shoe shopping with our son. The Sensory-Friendly Finder will help families like ours do things that other families take for granted. Every day.  We are so proud of our son, who is now studying at university.  But we truly wish there had been something like this to make our lives easier over the years.”

Accordingly, Sensory Friendly Solutions founder and occupational therapist Christel Seeberger says, “Together, we make possible the sensory-friendly life you want.” 

For instance, have you discovered a sensory-friendly business, event or activity?  You can easily suggest it to be added to help other people.  Additionally, you will also help other parents looking for what suits their family.  Similarly, you will help other spouses or partners looking to help their loved ones.  Finally, you will help other children looking to help their senior parents.

Helpful infographic of all the phrases you might see

We created a helpful infographic.  It has many of the phrases uses to describe sensory-friendly.  Furthermore, you can also download our sensory-friendly infographic Click on the link and save it as a picture.

We want to empower you.  Because you are the sensory-friendly community.  Most importantly, we want to help you discover new things that help.  We also want you to easily share information.. Specifically about sensory-friendly events, places, products, and services.  We want you to share your experience. So, this is our first step together with you.  Because the Sensory-Friendly Finder is the only one-stop solution that exists.  It can list sensory-friendly events, locations, products, and services. And it can do so around the world.  Finally, we need your help to spread the word.  Please add to the Sensory Friendly Finder.  In particular, please rate and review what you experience.  Share your experience events, locations, products, and services that identify as being sensory-friendly.

Set the Sensory Friendly Standard