Sensory Friendly Things To Do

Discover and choose sensory-friendly events and locations.  Make everyday life more comfortable when sensory sensitivity and sensory overload are a challenge.

Sensory-friendly events and locations are helpful to people of all ages and all abilities.

Small sensory-friendly changes have a large impact.

Find helpful podcast episodes and blog posts below.  You can also get a special guide we created with New Brunswick Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Inc. to help seniors with restaurant dining.

The Sensory Friendly Finder will help families like ours do things that other families take for granted every day.

“We wish the Sensory Friendly Finder had been created 20 years ago!  Traveling and shopping with our family, including our son with autism was a constant challenge when our children were growing up.

We never knew where we could go out as a family to eat. Would it be a noisy, crowded restaurant? Would our son be able to cope? Would we have to leave our meal half eaten? We wasted a lot of time and money over the years.

Shopping was always a nightmare too; we could not even go shoe shopping with our son. The Sensory Friendly Finder will help families like ours do things that other families take for granted every day.

We are so proud of our son, who is now studying at university. But we truly wish there had been something like this to make our lives easier over the years.”

– Jamie and Elaine Shannon,
New Brunswick, Canada.

A Better Restaurant Experience for Seniors with Hearing Loss cover

A Better Restaurant Experience for Seniors with Hearing Loss Guide

Are you surprised to learn that a least a third of the population over 65 years of age has hearing loss that is disabling?  Sharing a meal, especially at a restaurant, can be unpleasant and downright avoided by seniors with hearing loss.  Hearing aids do not solve the problem. However, a few easy changes that seniors can make, their dining companions can make and restaurants can make are key to ensuring seniors enjoy dining and become regulars. Our guide is available as both PDF and HTML, covering:

  • Key steps for hard of hearing seniors to take
  • Simple things for dining companions to do differently.
  • Free and low cost changes for restaurants
Sensory Friendly Halloween cover

Resource: Sensory Friendly Halloween Guide

Hallowe’en is a sensory-rich experience that can easily become overwhelming for many children.  Learn about sensory-friendly trick or treating to make Halloween fun for all children. 

A Visiting Santa Story cover

Resource: A Visiting Santa Story

Going to see Santa can be both exciting and challenging for children.  We have created a special story for children to help. In three formats!

Things To Do Blog Posts

Young family sitting on hotel bed with suitcase while on a sensory-friendly vacation.

Plan a Sensory-Friendly Vacation

Are you planning your next vacation? Does a member of your family struggle with sensory sensitivity or sensory overload? Traveling can be stressful and challenging

Things To Do Related Podcast Episodes

Stella Waterhouse and the cover of her book "Autism Decoded: The Cracks in the Code"

Sensory-friendly tourism: Stella Waterhouse

Stella Waterhouse, author, autism educator, is creating a solution, even in her retirement, to help people with Koloko Travel. Moreover, travel does not just mean abroad, but close to home too. Her personal experiences with sensory sensitivity have shaped her own understanding and leadership in the field. As Stella says, things still need to be explained, the deluge of information is part of our sensory overload.

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