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Young boy wearing home made face shield

Face Masks for Sensory Issues

This is a personal story about one family’s experience with face masks. It is always a good idea to follow public health recommendations for both wearing face masks and the style of in your area (different regions and countries may have different directives on face masks) and the advice of your own health care professionals.

Black woman reading book holding mug.

The Best Books on Sensory Disorders for Parents

Many parents seek out sensory books for special needs children. In addition, many parents look for sensory books for autism.  Furthermore, many parents wonder if their child is a ‘sensory kid.’ They look for books on sensory disorders. While there is a link between autism and sensory, many children simply have a sensory disorder. There

Father Nick and son Vince

Being an Autism Dad: A Fathering Autism Story

Being an autism dad. As a child, I remember playing in the mud.  A lot. As a teenager, I remember listening to music.  Probably louder than I should have been. Children and adolescents learn about their environments because their brains are getting input from all their senses.  Fathering autism has made me live that differently.

Boy and girl looking at exhibit at museum.

10 Ways to Make Tourism Sensory-Friendly

Being sensory-friendly helps travellers and visitors who have sensory sensitivities and experience sensory overload.  This also affects more people than you might think.  Becoming sensory-friendly can be quite simple.  A few changes make all the difference to visitors and travellers.   Travelling with autism for families with an autistic child can be especially difficult due to

Jumping Jacks Clothing Boutique Logo

Jumping Jacks: A Sensory-Friendly Store

Jumping Jacks Children’s Boutique is a sensory-friendly leader. They are a sensory-friendly store. They are located in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada and are locally owned.  Jumping Jacks is a quality children’s and maternity consignment boutique.  Furthermore, they also proudly carry many local products along with other new products. Alessa Martin, an autism mom, established jumping

Sensory-Friendly Champion Certificate

Darian’s Story: Celebrate Success

Darian’s story is about how Darian and his mother taught me an important lesson.  That everyone should be given the opportunity to be celebrated. For many years, I worked with children and their families.  And, for many years with autistic children. Over 20 years ago, I piloted a school readiness group with a colleague.  We

People singing at church.

Easy Steps to Create a Sensory Room at Church

Does your church need a sensory room? More churches and places of worship are adding sensory rooms to their facilities.  In addition, some churches offer sensory-friendly services too.  Do you think your church would benefit from a special needs or a sensory room?  Furthermore, do you wonder how to offer a sensory-friendly service? For instance,

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