Living Sensationally with Dr. Winnie Dunn

Dr. Winnie Dunn, occupational therapist, is a world-renowned expert the sensory experience, researcher and author of the book Living Sensationally. She has pioneered our understanding of our senses and helps us recognize that sensory processing is fundamental to our brains. Dr. Dunn fills us with hope and inspires us to live sensationally.

You Have Eight Senses Not Five

You are probably surprised to learn that you have eight senses.  Though in truth, you have more than eight senses, nonetheless for today we are just going to stick to eight for the purposes of understanding your brain and body, sensory sensitivity, and sensory overload. Here is a list of the eight: Visual sense Auditory

Who Has Sensory-Sensitivity?

First, we all have sensory sensitivity.  We are all sensitive to our senses! Second, for some people, this is a problem because they are over or undersensitive compared to the rest of us.  Third, this extra level of sensory sensitivity includes people of all ages.  Fourth, extra sensitivity can occur to any of the eight

words and breathe

What is the Meaning of Sensory-Friendly?

First, know that sensory refers to any single sense.  But it also can refer to your eight senses.  Second, your senses are what you see, hear, taste, touch, smell.  Moreover, include your sense of movement, balance, and internal body sense.  That is to say, yes indeed you have more than 5 senses.  You probably have

What is Sensory Disorder?

Have you been told your child has a sensory disorder? Maybe a teacher, occupational therapist, psychologist or doctor mentioned it?  It’s scary to know that something is wrong with your child.  It’s frightening to hear words you may have never heard before to describe your child.   Some sensory words described There are a lot of different words

What Does Sensory Autism Mean? Descriptions and Definitions.

What does sensory autism mean?  Sensory disorder is commonly associated with autism.  But, it is important to know that sensory and autism are not the same thing.  In addition, sensory autism is not a type of autism. This article explains more about sensory and autism.  In particular, how they overlap.  It is important to understand

Ear Muffs and Reducing Noise for Sensory Sensitivity

Do you experience sensory overload in noisy public places?  Furthermore, do you want to buy noise-canceling ear muffs to help your child with sensory sensitivity to noise?  Also, perhaps do you ask, how do I protect my baby’s hearing? In this article, you will learn about earmuffs.  You will learn about all the words that

Senior sitting at a table at busy restaurant

Noise Reduction in Restaurants is Key to Attracting Seniors

Savvy restauranteurs and coffee shop owners know restaurant noise is a problem and ask, “How do I make my restaurant quieter?” Restaurants are notoriously noisy. Furthermore, many restaurants don’t realize how much business they are losing to hard-of-hearing patrons who, rather than speak up about the noise or ask for accommodations, just stop going. Are

Manage Stress with “Sensory and a Self-Care Routine.”

Being a first-time mom is a tough job in itself, but trying to maintain a realistic self-care routine along with it can be difficult for most.  It is one example of a stressor that can invade your life.  Whether its a baby or something else that changes your life, stress and sensory overload or sensory

Best sensory toys

What Are the Best Toys For an Autistic Child?

The best toys for autistic children are sensory toys. Because children with autism often have difficulty with their senses, sensory toys are in fact extra helpful.  Sensory toys engage the senses:  what you see, hear, taste, touch, smell, but also how you move your body and head and even how you feel “inside”.  That is

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