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Woman's hand holding a brown focus stone.

Fidgets: Not Just for Children

You often hear about and see fidget toys created for children. However, have you ever considered how these devices may also be helpful for adults? Sensory fidget toys for adults are truly “a thing!” If you are old enough, you may remember fiddling with a few coins in your pocket, twirling a pencil in your

Headshot of Karine Gagner President of FDMT

Sensory Tools: Innovation with Karine Gagner

Karine Gagner, parent and sensory tool innovator is on a mission to promote everyone’s development to their fullest. Her company, FDMT not only sells sensory products worldwide, but they create their own phenomenal sensory tools, like their line of weighted products, Manimo. Karine wanted something that not only helped children with sensory overload, but also that was like a friend to them.

Turtle shaped weighted lap pad.

Everything You Need to Know About Weighted Lap Pads and Blankets   

Have you heard someone say “weighted lap pad”, “weighted lap animal”, or “weighted blankets” and wondered what they were? Children, adults, and seniors all use them. People use them at home, school, and work. In this blog post, you will learn all about weighted lap pads (also known as weighted lap animals) and blankets.    The

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