Senior sitting at a table at busy restaurant

Noise Reduction in Restaurants is Key to Attracting Seniors

Savvy restauranteurs and coffee shop owners know restaurant noise is a problem and ask, “How do I make my restaurant quieter?” Restaurants are notoriously noisy. Furthermore, many restaurants don’t realize how much business they are losing to hard-of-hearing patrons who, rather than speak up about the noise or ask for accommodations, just stop going. Are

Social Distancing for Boomers

Practical information to keep our most vulnerable baby boomers and the silent generation safe from Coronavirus with examples of social distancing for adults and seniors. There is a lot of information about social distancing for children, but adults and seniors, our baby boomer generation (born 1946-1964) and the silent generation (born 1928-1945) do not have

Senior Shopping Hours

More and more stores, shops and essential establishments around the world are offering special senior shopping hours during the Covid-19 pandemic.  We wanted to help.  These recommendations apply, anytime!  Coronavirus or not. First, here is this blog post with ideas on easy ways to make shopping senior-friendly. We also have a short (~11 minutes) FREE

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