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Young students smiling waving outside of school bus window.

What Is a Sensory-Friendly School Bus?

For many students, taking the school bus is stressful and overwhelming. A crowded bus, traffic noise and a high-energy environment induce anxiety for many children. Sensory sensitivity, sensory overload and sensory processing difficulties add to the challenge of school bus transportation. 4Seasons Transportation is an organization based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It provides sensory-friendly school

Young students at school sitting at a table completing a writing activity.

How to Create a Sensory-Friendly Classroom

So you might think that a sensory-friendly experience or environment is something that happens at the movies, the theatre, or a store. Consider that a sensory-friendly environment is needed at school too! Many children, both with and without diagnoses of sensory disorders, have sensory sensitivities. Schools and teacher often do not know how to help

Diverse young couple holding books sitting lawn sensory friendly university campus.

Autism – Friendly Schools: Post-Secondary Education

Students with autism at college or university face sensory issues Many families with autistic children are unaware of post-secondary schooling options and seek autism-friendly schools that accommodate those with neurodiversity.  In addition, they may also want to specifically have an “Asperger friendly” college.  University and college students with autism, or who are neurodiverse, may have

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