Sensory friendly massage clinic.

Unlocking New Patients: A Sensory-Friendly Case Study for Healthcare Professionals

Creating a Calming Oasis: Implemented Strategies for a Sensory-Friendly Massage Experience Many healthcare professionals, including massage therapists, treat clients and patients with disabilities and hidden disabilities, including sensory sensitivities. But traditional practices and health care settings can be overwhelming for these individuals. This case study explores how one massage therapist embarked on a DIY sensory-friendly

Doctor checking heart rate of an older person sitting in hospital bed.

Shattering Barriers to Healthcare: Quiet Corners, Calming Care

The Power of Sensory-Friendly Design in Healthcare Environments Imagine needing healthcare but feeling anxious about the experience. For example, bright lights, loud noises, and a bustling environment might trigger sensory overload, making it difficult to relax and communicate effectively. This is a reality for many people, including veterans with PTSD, autistic individuals, and those with

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