Three women sitting on stools presenting to an audience at a conference

An Inclusive Champion’s Retreat: A Case Study in Sensory Friendly Event Planning

Making Conferences Accessible for All: The B Corp Example Have you ever attended an event and felt overwhelmed by the bright lights, loud noise, and bustling crowds? For people with sensory sensitivities, these seemingly minor discomforts can be significant. In fact, they are enough to deter people from attending conferences. Furthermore, sensory overload from bright

Young woman wheelchair user sitting in a conference venue hallway

Building Bridges, Not Barriers: How Sensory Awareness Elevated an Inclusive Conference

Beyond the Checklist: Innovative Approaches to Sensory-Friendly Conference Design The “Let Us Help Each Other” conference, held in March 2024 at the Membertou Trade and Convention Centre in Nova Scotia, Canada, promised a compelling platform: accessibility and disability from indigenous perspectives. But for conference organizers, they wanted to do more than ensure critical pieces, like

Employees sitting at sensory-friendly work event.

How to Create Sensory-Friendly Events

A Guide for Businesses and Organizations Sensory-friendly events are becoming increasingly common as more people identify as having sensory sensitivities and the experience of sensory overload. These events cater to individuals who experience discomfort or overload from certain sights, sounds, smells, tastes, or touches. Moreover, by creating a sensory-friendly environment, businesses and organizations can be

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