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Family gathered at table for holiday dinner.

4 Tips to Manage Sensory Overload and Holiday Stress

Are you looking for four tips on how to deal with holiday stress?  In this blog post, you will learn about going back to the basics as the most effective strategies to help keep the holidays enjoyable.  You and your family can manage sensory overload. Holiday stress is real The holiday season is already upon

Santa Clause waving at a sensory-friendly parade.

Why a Quiet Zone Is Important For Your Santa Claus Parade

A Christmas Parade is what I like to call a sensory-rich experience.  That’s a term I’ve coined to help explain the opposite of sensory-friendly.  Did you know that if you add a quiet zone to your Santa Claus Parade, you will attract many more people to your parade?  Parades are known for loud music, bright,

Little boy sitting on Santa's lap.

Sensitive Santa Events

Why Sensitive Santa? Wondering why parents search for and choose a Sensitive Santa event for their child?  Do you enjoy looking back at yearly family photos of your children sitting on Santa’s lap? It may surprise you to learn that for many children, having their photo taken with Santa Claus is a challenge. However, finding

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