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Young family laying in a tent at a sensory-friendly campsite.

How to Create A Sensory-Friendly Campsite

For many families, camping is a yearly traditional event. Camping is a way for families to travel and spend quality time in nature together. Additionally, for many families, camping is a financially accessible way to go on a relaxing vacation. However, for families that have a family member with sensory sensitivities, camping is not a

A young family of four sitting around a camp fire smiling.

How to Have a Sensory-Friendly Camping Experience

If you are a parent with a child who doesn’t like camping, creating a sensory-friendly camping experience might just be the answer. In particular, children with autism or a sensory disorder travelling, sleeping outdoors, having strangers at neighboring campsites may be a sensory-rich experience. However, with simple changes and planning, sensory-friendly camping can make the

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