What is sensory disorder?

What is Sensory Disorder? Have you been told your child has a sensory disorder? Maybe a teach..

What Does Sensory Autism Mean?

What Does Sensory Autism Mean? What does sensory autism mean?  Sensory disorder is commonly a..

Weighted Lap Pad

What You Need to Know About a Weighted Lap Pad Have you heard someone say, “weighted lap pad..

Sensory Friendly Movies

Sensory-Friendly Movies Have you seen sensory-friendly movies advertised? Maybe you wonder ..

Sensory Relaxed Performances

Relaxed Performances:  The Basics Have you heard the phrase relaxed performance?  Consequent..

Is sensory overload your problem too?

Sensory Overload: is it a Problem in Your Life? Two of the most common questions about sensory..

Chair socks, chair glides and tennis balls for chairs

Chair Socks, Chair Glides and Tennis Balls for Chairs Are you trying to decide what type of ch..

Autism Hour vs. Sensory-Friendly Shopping

Have you heard about autism hour?  Or, maybe sensory-friendly shopping times.  You likely hav..

Sensory Kids After Coronavirus: Getting Back to Normal

    'Back to normal' seems so far away. But what resources are in place to h..

Sensory Kids on Lockdown: Indoor Activities For Kids

    Many parents are now "caught between a kid and a workspace".  Now is the t..

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