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Grey couch with pillows.

Case Study: Creating a Sensory-Friendly Apartment Rental

When I designed the apartment in my home, I considered two things:  autism-friendly home modifications and sensory-friendly spaces.  I have rented the apartment, fully furnished for both short and long-term rental.  Due to my dedication to sensory-friendly living, I wanted to ensure that I designed a living space that considered autistic adults as guests or

Diverse young couple holding books sitting lawn sensory friendly university campus.

Autism – Friendly Schools: from Elementary to Post-Secondary.

Sensory rooms can help with sensory issues Many families and students are curious about the modifications for students with autism. An example are schools for students at any age that have created autism-friendly sensory rooms on campus.  In fact, some of these institutions have sensory pods for autism. Students who identify with neurodiversity or with

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