An adult giving tour around the art show to four children

Unveiling a World of Art for All: a Case Study

Unlocking the Senses: Implementing Strategies for Sensory-Friendly Art Experiences Wonderful, beautiful, delightful, sensory-rich art shows and art galleries! A vibrant tapestry of creativity. A place where captivating pieces ignite our imagination and inspire awe. But for some visitors, the bustling crowds, bright lights, and cacophony of conversations can transform this artistic haven into a sensory

Graphic stating, "The Andy Warhol Museum's Virtual Sensory-Friendly Workshop!"

An Art Museum Hosts a Virtual Sensory-Friendly Workshop

Picture this: You join a Zoom call. You first see a gallery of new faces. You hear scattered chatter in the group.  People interrupt one another.  They apologize for their audio delays. You notice a cluttered workspace behind some.  While other participants have a bright, patterned virtual background. You notice that people walk behind another participant on camera. While another is interrupted by their barking dog.  And the

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