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Father sitting with his arm wrapped around his young son.

Autism, Anxiety, and Sensory Overload: A Sensory Key

Autism and anxiety are often linked. The Anxiety and Depression Society of America says that 40% of young people with autism experience anxiety. Did you know that managing the sensory experience is key to helping autism and anxiety? To help with your understanding of the sensory experience, learn more about your eight senses.  Yes, eight

Children smiling at sensory friendly birthday party.

A Sensory Friendly Birthday Party in 10 Easy Steps

Sensory friendly birthday parties are the answer. Birthday parties are fun and an endearing part of childhood. However, a birthday party can be overwhelming for any child with sensory sensitivity. In addition, for children with autism, anxiety, and sensory overload, birthday parties often cause meltdowns. For the adults planning a birthday party, it can also

Diverse young couple holding books sitting lawn sensory friendly university campus.

Autism Friendly Schools: Post-Secondary Education

Students with autism at college or university face sensory issues Many autistic people look for autism-friendly schools.  So do people who identify with neurodiversity.  In addition, they may also want to specifically have an “Asperger friendly” college.  University and college students with autism, or who are neurodiverse may have sensory issues.   And for students who

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