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Becoming a Best-Seller with Carol Stock Kranowitz

Carol Stock Kranowitz, best-selling author of The Out of Sync Child talks about her 10-year journey to writing what many parents, therapists and people with sensory processing disorder consider a life-changing book that is their go-to resource. Carol also shares her best personal strategy for managing sensory overload: when we move, we are in sync.

Managing Sensory Overload with Yoga Poses for Kids

Lindsay Hall is a Certified Yoga Teacher (200 YYT) with additional training in Prenatal Yoga as well as Yoga for the Pelvic Floor. Here, Lindsay tells about the benefits of yoga poses for kids in relation to sensory sensitivities. I love yoga! There, I said it. I don’t really consider myself a true yogi, but I’ve

Sensory Kids: Getting Back to Normal

‘Back to normal’ seems so far away. But what resources are in place to help you transition your kids back into school after Coronavirus has passed for example?  Or summer holidays?  Christmas break?  Especially your child with a sensory disorder?  There are things you can do to prepare. For parents, like us, who have children

Sensory Kids: Indoor Activities For Kids

Many parents are now “caught between a kid and a workspace”.  Now is the time to find indoor activities for kids to keep them busy, engaged, and safe! In January 2020, I decided to leave my full-time job in broadcasting to concentrate on pursuing my passion for digital marketing.  I was able to secure loans

Social Distancing for Boomers

Practical information to keep our most vulnerable baby boomers and the silent generation safe from Coronavirus with examples of social distancing for adults and seniors. There is a lot of information about social distancing for children, but adults and seniors, our baby boomer generation (born 1946-1964) and the silent generation (born 1928-1945) do not have

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Improving Services for Neurodiverse Children and Teens: Burnaby Public Library

Have you heard the term neurodiverse, neuroatypical or neurodiversity being used more recently?  Learn more about what the word means here. People who identify with being neurodiverse may also seek sensory-friendly experiences due to sensory sensitivity or sensory overload. The neurodiverse experts are right here in our communities For the past two years, the Burnaby

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Sensory-Friendly Swim Times and Autism Swim Lessons

Have you heard the expressions of sensory-friendly swim times and autism-friendly swimming lessons?  Moreover, are you confused by them?  There are a lot of phrases used to describe adaptive swim lessons for autism.  In addition, there are different words used to sensory-friendly swim times.  In general, sensory-friendly swimming and autism swimming lessons are similar.  Both

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Easy Steps to Create a Sensory Room at Church

Does your church need a sensory room? Churches and places of worship are adding sensory rooms to their locations.   Some churches offer sensory-friendly services too.  Do you think your church would benefit from a special needs a sensory room?  Do you wonder how to offer a sensory-friendly service? For instance, if these are your goals,

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Where to Find Sensory Activities for Autism

Looking for sensory activities for autism?  Wondering what they are?  Sensory activities pay extra attention to the senses.  That is because of the overlap between sensory and autism.  In addition, know that for children with autism, sensory activities are often called sensory-friendly.  The friendly part makes them easier for autistic children to attend and enjoy

Best sensory toys

What Are the Best Toys For an Autistic Child?

The best toys for autistic children are sensory toys. Because children with autism often have difficulty with their senses, sensory toys are in fact extra helpful.  Sensory toys engage the senses:  what you see, hear, taste, touch, smell, but also how you move your body and head and even how you feel “inside”.  That is

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