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Photo of Christel Seeberger smiling.

Your Sensory-Friendly Journey Starts Here!

Hi there, I’m Christel Seeberger, Founder and CEO of Sensory Friendly Solutions!

For over 30 years in healthcare, I witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by people with sensory sensitivities or who experienced sensory overload. Whether it was children, adults, or seniors, navigating daily life at home, school work or when travel was often overwhelming.

Then, experiencing adult-onset hearing loss myself, I joined the 33% of the population who understand sensory overload all too well.

That’s why I founded Sensory Friendly Solutions: to make the world a more welcoming place for everyone.

Did you know? Over 25 disabilities can lead to sensory sensitivities or the experience of sensory overload. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, but taking steps towards sensory-friendliness benefits everyone!

Our quick quiz is the first step on your sensory-friendly journey. Join a global community passionate about accessibility and inclusion. Take the quiz and discover how to create a space that welcomes more people than you think!

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