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Podcast Episodes

Dr. Temple Grandin.

Understanding My Autistic Mind: Dr. Temple Grandin

Dr. Temple Grandin is renowned for her work as a spokesperson for people with autism and her research in the field of animal behavior. Dr. Grandin shares her understanding of her own autistic mind along with different types of human thinking and the need for that neurodiversity. She also shares how her mother and mentors helped her along her life’s journey and how she hopes to help other autistic people and their families.

Headshot of Trish Hamilton smiling.

Trish Hamilton on Parenting Children with Autism

Trish Hamilton, mom to a boy with autism spectrum disorder and sensory processing disorder, tells parents there is nothing wrong with finding out about your child. She helps dispel fears of a diagnosis and lets us know that listening to our gut is key. Trish guides parents to find a trusted person to have in their corner, as a key to empowering a family life that manages sensory overload.

Image of Dr. Winnie Dunn smiling.

Living Sensationally with Dr. Winnie Dunn

Dr. Winnie Dunn, occupational therapist, is a world-renowned expert the sensory experience, researcher and author of the book Living Sensationally. She has pioneered our understanding of our senses and helps us recognize that sensory processing is fundamental to our brains. Dr. Dunn fills us with hope and inspires us to live sensationally.

Stella Waterhouse and the cover of her book "Autism Decoded: The Cracks in the Code"

Sensory-friendly tourism: Stella Waterhouse

Stella Waterhouse, author, autism educator, is creating a solution, even in her retirement, to help people with Koloko Travel. Moreover, travel does not just mean abroad, but close to home too. Her personal experiences with sensory sensitivity have shaped her own understanding and leadership in the field. As Stella says, things still need to be explained, the deluge of information is part of our sensory overload.

Headshot of Karine Gagner President of FDMT

Sensory Tools: Innovation with Karine Gagner

Karine Gagner, parent and sensory tool innovator is on a mission to promote everyone’s development to their fullest. Her company, FDMT not only sells sensory products worldwide, but they create their own phenomenal sensory tools, like their line of weighted products, Manimo. Karine wanted something that not only helped children with sensory overload, but also that was like a friend to them.

Image of Carol Stock Kranowitz smiling.

Carol Stock Kranowitz: The Out of Sync Child

Carol Stock Kranowitz, best-selling author of The Out of Sync Child talks about her 10-year journey to writing what many parents, therapists and people with sensory processing disorder consider a life-changing book that is their go-to resource. Carol also shares her best personal strategy for managing sensory overload: when we move, we are in sync.

Dr. Bill Wong speaking on stage at his TEDx talk

Dr. Bill Wong is Fighting On as an Autistic Adult

Dr. Bill Wong, occupational therapist, reveals his unexpected path to being diagnosed as an autistic adult while studying occupational therapy. He also shares the power of finding another adult occupational therapist with autism as a key turning point in his life. Dr. Wong’s motto is Fighting On and he works to mentor autistic adults and fellow occupational therapists around the globe about life with autism.

Renee Warren

Working From Home In a Pandemic with Renée Warren

Renée Warren, mom, serial entrepreneur, and mentor coaches us to expect downcycles as part of our lived experiences. She tells us to understand our own brain as a key to success in daily life. Renée advocates for curiosity as a powerful strategy to reducing our sensory overload.

Maureen Bennie

The Eighth Sense with Maureen Bennie

Maureen Bennie, parent of two adult children with autism and founder of the Autism Awareness Centre teaches us about our eight sense, interoception, and how consistency and commitment make all the difference. She also introduces us to the concept of developing fluency in what works for each one of us in managing sensory overload.

Image of Dr. Sarah Gander smiling.

The Social Determinants of Health: Dr. Sarah Gander

Dr. Sarah Gander, pediatrician shares her insights about the connection between our minds, our bodies and our environments. She also shares her advice that a little pause and breath is a key way to re-connect our body and our brain. Dr. Gander advocates for nature bathing as a sensory-rich experience that helps us manage sensory overload.

Graphic of podcast hosts Christel Seeberger and Matt George sitting at a table

The Sensory Friendly Solutions Podcast

Find sensory-friendly solutions in everyday life on our new podcast. For example, what are the best books to read to understand sensory challenges? Or, what products actually help you manage sensory sensitivity? How do families make changes for their children that deliver results in their day-to-day life? Where are the resources that make a difference? This is the first sensory podcast of its kind.

What People Are Saying About the Sensory Friendly Solutions Podcast

“Christel is an inspiring educator and mentor for those of us who work with individuals with sensory sensitivities and challenges; individuals with dementia, PTSD, ASD or hearing loss.  I look forward to each podcast and really appreciate the energy, enthusiasm and passion Christel brings to finding Sensory Friendly Solutions for clients and for helping to engage the community in a broader definition of accessibility that is much more inclusive.  She has found a way to engage the clients, health care workers, and community at large that is interesting and change generating in positive ways.”

-Alexa Gauthier, Occupational Therapist.

“The Sensory Friendly Solutions podcast is using such an innovative platform to reach a broad audience in the areas of Autism, PTSD, hearing and vision loss. Christel’s desire to educate and present insightful information is refreshing.”

-Nick Taggert,
Dad to son with dual-diagnosis of Autism and Down Syndrome.

“Hey, just listened to your sensory podcast with Dr. Gander. Loved it. It is inspiring to have such a great doctor in our province. One of many of course, I’m sure! Thank you for putting this important topic out in the podcast space.”

-Jolyane Aube,
Occupational Therapist.

“I am really enjoying listening to this podcast, Matt and Trish. It is very enlightening and helpful to parents who are curious as to whether they should seek support when their intuition is telling them to pay attention. Well done.”

– Lori Carle,
Manager of Corporate Citizenship, Podcaster.

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