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Sensory Friendly Solutions: A Woman-Owned, Disability-Owned, B Corp Social Enterprise

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Company Background

Sensory Friendly Solutions: Championing Inclusion Through Sensory Expertise

Sensory Friendly Solutions is a leading social enterprise, proudly woman-owned and disability-owned. We are a certified B Corporation, meaning we use our business as a force for good.

Our passion is creating a more inclusive world, one sensory-friendly experience at a time. We achieve this by providing evidence-informed training rooted in both subject matter expertise and an understanding of lived experiences. This unique combination positions us at the forefront of accessibility training.

We empower businesses and organizations to create welcoming environments for everyone. Our training equips teams to understand sensory needs and develop inclusive practices. This aligns perfectly with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives, fostering a more accessible and welcoming world for customers and employees alike.

We have just embarked on a mission to training a million people, businesses and organziations to offer less busy, less noisy and less bright experiences at events and locations. 

From Therapist to Trailblazer: Christel Seeberger's Mission

Sensory Friendly Solutions Founder and CEO Christel Seeberger
Christel Seeberger (Image Credit Kelly Lawson)

Leading Sensory Friendly Solutions

Christel Seeberger isn’t your typical CEO. With a background rooted in occupational therapy, Christel spent over 30 years working with diverse clients across various settings – hospitals, schools, and even summer camps. Her career fostered a deep understanding of people’s sensory needs.

This expertise became personal when Christel developed adult-onset hearing loss. Despite the best hearing aids and assistive technology she could buy, she found herself excluded from certain environments due to a lack of sensory-friendly options. This sparked a fire within her.

Driven by the desire to create a more inclusive world for the estimated 33% of the population experiencing sensory sensitivities, Christel embarked on a training mission. In 2016, Sensory Friendly Solutions was born, with a clear goal: to make the world a more welcoming place for everyone by training businesses and organizations to give people sensory-friendly options.

Simple Solutions, Profound Impact

As Christel aptly says, “Sensory overload is overwhelming, but the solutions can be simple.” Sensory Friendly Solutions embodies this philosophy, training businesses and organizations with easy-to-implement strategies that have a significant impact.

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Press Kit: Assets and Information for the Media

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Impact on Inclusion: Our Products and Services in Action

Sensory Friendly Solutions Trained Badge

Training for Purpose

We empower businesses and organizations to create sensory-friendly experiences through our full-specturm training programs.

Sensory Friendly Solutions Certified Badge

Certifying for Inclusion

We build team trust and customer inclusion with our comprehensive certification program.

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Product Recognition Program

We empower consumer confidence and boost brands with our product recognition program.

Group Purchases

Unlock sensory-friendly training for all: Buy Group Training Memberships and build a stronger team

Sensory Education Made Easy: Empower Your Team

We offer both white-label training and video licensing to empower companies to train their teams in-house with sensory expertise.

Design with Confidence: Sensory-Friendly Consulting

From concept to creation, we guide businesses in developing innovative products and experiences that cater to sensory needs.

Trusted By: Part of Our Sensory-Friendly Movement

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Some of Our Customer Testimonials

Cindi Green
Sensory Friendly Solutions' training program was a game-changer for our conference. Christel and her team did an amazing job of equipping our organizers and volunteers with the knowledge and tools they needed to create a truly inclusive environment.
I have single-sided deafness and often struggle with loud or crowded environments. Sensory Friendly Solutions Training and Certification not only helped me better understand my own sensory experience and triggers, but guides me in making my own art shows and community art gallery more accessible to others.
kristen herrington - A photo of a woman with blue eyes and blonde hair in front of some art.

Sensory Friendly Solutions proudly supports The Sensory Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to creating a world that celebrates sensory differences. By donating 1% of all sales, we help the Foundation ensure everyone's sensory experiences are understood and valued, fostering a more inclusive and equitable society.

More Examples on How We Support Inclusion

Too Busy. Too Noisy. Too Bright. Short Documentary Cover with the YouTube Play Button

Short Documentary

"Too Busy. Too Noisy. Too Bright." (2021): Our documentary is revealing, exploring the realities of sensory overload and the inspiring solutions emerging in the community.

Sensory Friendly Solutions Podcast hosts sitting at a table with microphones

Podcast Conversations

With over 8,000 downloads, the Sensory Friendly Solutions Podcast offers personal stories, expert advice, and practical solutions for creating a more inclusive world.

Young woman wearing glasses holding a cup of tea taking an online course on her laptop


Uncover the world of sensory experiences with 150+ blogs on sensitivity, overload, and creating a more sensory-friendly environment.

Uncover the Growing Movement for Sensory Awareness: Feature Sensory Friendly Solutions

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