Discover sensory-friendly solutions for daily life.

We help people, businesses, and organizations adopt sensory-friendly solutions. Learn about sensory sensitivity and sensory overload.  Feel empowered to enjoy sensory-friendly living at home, school, work, in your community and when you travel. Discover simple ways for your business or organization to offer sensory-friendly experiences to your customers and clients, to be inclusive and accessible.

Our short documentary showcases real-life sensory-friendly events and locations. Learn from people who share their stories of everyday sensory challenges and their solutions.

“I think that idea of it’s a spectrum really takes away this kind of idea that you’re sensory sensitive or you’re not.”  

–Maggie Higgins, Education & Outreach Coordinator, Saint John Arts Centre.

55+ Travelers: Arriving & Thriving Audio Conference

A unique audio conference to show how tourism, arts and culture can deliver exceptional sensory-friendly experiences for the growing ’55 plus’ traveler market.

“Being able to improve on the experience that your customers have is always a plus.”

-Carol Alderdice, President and CEO Tourism Industry Association of New Brunswick.

Become Sensory Friendly

Take Our Sensory Friendly Solutions Self-Assessment Quiz

Ever wonder if your event or location is sensory-friendly?

Maybe you’d like to know what to improve?

Take our simple, nine question Self-Assessment Quiz to find out. 

Get a report with changes you can make to create a sensory-friendly experience at your event or location.

Listen To The Sensory Friendly Solutions Podcast

Download, listen and subscribe to the world’s first podcast about sensory challenges and sensory-friendly solutions in everyday living!

Hear conversations with international experts, parents and people with their personal sensory challenges. 

Our podcast guests are all champions who bring sensory-friendly solutions to life around the world.


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At Home

Find help to manage sensory challenges at home for your family.

At School

Get resources to handle sensory differences at school.

At Work

Adapt to sensory sensitivities while working from home or at your workplace with sensory-friendly tools.

Things To Do

Discover sensory-friendly things to do in the community.

For Businesses

Learn how to offer sensory-friendly experiences at your event or location.

Sensory Friendly Solutions and you.

Founded in 2016 by Christel Seeberger, the Sensory Friendly Solutions mission is to make the world more sensory-friendly.   Do you want to be included and to include more people?  Then start the journey to sensory-friendly living and offering sensory-friendly experiences with us.  Blogs, podcasts, audio-conferences, a self-assessment quiz, a newsletter and a short documentary will help you be informed and inspired.

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