Sensory Friendly Movies

Have you seen sensory-friendly movies advertised?

boy at movie

boy at movie

Do you wonder what:

  • do sensory-friendly films mean?
  • is an autism-friendly screening?
  • is a relaxed screening
  • about a sensory screening?
  • is a sensory sensitive movie?

Moreover, are they all the same thing?

In this article, you will get answers to your questions.  And more!

A sensory-friendly movie changes your sensory experience.  Mostly what you hear.  In addition, maybe a little bit of what you see.  Notably, the movie itself is not changed.

But your experience in the movie theatre is changed. Moreover, not every movie theatre will offer the same experience.

Most often, expect the house lights to be turned up. Secondly, the soundtrack volume is turned down.  Furthermore, sensory-friendly movies, sensory-friendly films, autism-friendly movies, sensory sensitive movies, and sensory screenings do all mean the same thing.

What else to expect.

First, sensory-friendly movies are often for children.  Consequently, many children and families are in the audience.  Furthermore, with more children in the audience, expect more noise. In some instances, the movie theatre will allow people to bring their own food.  In addition, you can expect people to move around more in their seats.  They can also move around more in the theatre too.

Kids with parents at a Sensory friendly movie

Who Wants to See Sensory Friendly Movies?

Many people want to go to sensory-friendly movies.  What is more, this includes children and adults alike.  Sometimes they have an underlying disorder, disability or difference.  Additionally, this is a hidden disability where they experience sensory sensitivity.

However, having a disability does not mean you prefer these types of movies.  In short, it just means you might.  For example, some people experience sensory sensitivity.  Specifically, people with anxiety, autism, hearing loss, concussion or PTSD.  Or people experience sensory overload.   In addition, the loud sounds of a movie soundtrack are bothersome.  Moreover, dark theatres with a bright screen are distressing.  Nonetheless, they still want to enjoy a movie!

What Makes Movies More Accessible?

Other changes make movies more accessible. Moreover, changes for people with sensory impairments or differences.  So, you might notice spots reserved for people who use wheelchairs.  In addition, there might be seats saved called companion seats.  For that reason, they are for the person(s) attending along with a person with a disability.  Furthermore, you might see a guide dog.  Or a service animal.

Changes to audio

What is an audio DESC?  DESC stands for audio description.  Similarly, it can be called video description, or described video.  Accordingly, an audio description helps people with vision loss.  As well people who have low vision, And finally, people who are blind.  So, the person wears a special headset.  After that, with the headset, they hear the soundtrack and a narrator.  Specifically, the narrator describes what happens onscreen.  Mostly this happens during pauses in dialogue.  Nonetheless, it happens over dialogue if needed.

For example, you have likely experienced an audio description. Have you gone to a museum?  Alternatively, maybe to an art exhibit?  In that case, maybe you wore a headset.  And it offered an audio tour.  Not a real live person tour guide.  As a result, you listened to information about the exhibit.  You experienced an audio description.  Finally, you likely enjoyed an audio description in an arena.  Like during a sporting event.  WIth a sportscaster describing the play.

In short, the audio description is not just used in the movies.

Closed captions

Sometimes movies are screened at special showings.  A special showing may be held to include closed captions.  Further to that, the closed captions are shown to everyone.  As a result, they are shown at the bottom of the movie screen.  Therefore, not just for people who have hearing loss.  Neither is it just for people who are hard of hearing. Nor just for people who are deaf.  For instances, some people with learning disability like to read the dialogue too.  In addition, it is like having subtitles.  That would help someone whose first languge is different.  To sum up it is for everyone!

On the other hand, some movie theatres have special glasses available.  These are called assistive listening eyeglasses.  Further, these special types of glasses show closed caption projected on the lens. Therefore, the person watches the movie and sees the closed caption at the same time.

Alternatively, some movie theatres have a device that a person holds in their hands.  Sometimes it can be attached to their drink cup.  In short, this small device lets them read the closed caption on its small screen.

Directed sound

In another example, people wear sound-isolating headphones.  They might be noise-canceling headphones too. Specifically, they have the audio soundtrack going directly to their headphones.

Key Points to Remember About Sensory Friendly Movies

  • Not every sensory-friendly movie is the same experience.
  • Although the movie is the same.
  • Changes occur in how you see it.  And how you hear it.
  • The theatre has house lights turned on.  Or at least up.
  • Additionally, many children are in the audience.
  • As well, more sensory-friendly movies are for children.
  • Similarly, the audience is noisier too.
  •  The volume of the sound is not as loud.
  • People are allowed to bring their own food.
  • Expect children to move around in their seats.  Also about the theatre.
  • Movie theatres may offer other help.
    • Examples are wheelchair seating.
    • Other changes might be a closed caption device.
    • Or a special closed caption movie screening.
    • An audio description might be available.
    • Or noise-canceling headphones.

Movie Theatres That Offer Sensory Friendly Movies

Importantly, here are all the movie theatres found so far to offer sensory-friendly screenings.  But they do not offer it for every movie they show.  Moreover, a sensory-friendly movie at one cinema may not be the same at another one.  Finally, remember that children’s movies are more likely to be sensory-friendly.
2. Cinemark
3. Cineplex
4. Cineworld
5. Empire Cinemas
6. Landmark
7. Odeon
8. Picturehouse
9. Regal
10. Showcase
11. Vue

Have you discovered a sensory-friendly movie theatre?  Moreover, is it on our list?  Please add what you find is sensory-friendly in your community. Likewise, please share that helpful information.  Because other families look for sensory-friendly movies too.

What Else Are Sensory Friendly Movies Called?

To sum up, it can be confusing.  Because there are many phrases describing this type of movie.  Hence, we have done the detective work for you!

Here is the list:

• Sensory cinema
• Sensory films
• Sensory movie theatres
• Sensory movies
• Sensory screening

• Assisted cinema
• Assisted films
• Assisted movie theaters
• Assisted movies
• Assisted screening

• Sensory-friendly cinema
• Sensory-friendly films
• Sensory-friendly movie theatres
• Sensory-friendly movies
• Sensory-friendly screening

• ATF means Autism Friendly
• Autism-friendly cinema
• Autism-friendly films
• Autism-friendly movie theatres
• Autism-friendly movies
• Autism-friendly screening (AFS)

• Family-friendly cinema
• Family-friendly films
• Family-friendly movie theatres
• Family-friendly movies
• Family-friendly screening

• Sensory-Friendly Special Needs cinema
• Sensory-Friendly Special Needs films
• Sensory-Friendly Special Needs movie theatres
• Sensory-Friendly Special Needs movies
• Sensory-Friendly Special Needs screening

• Kid-friendly cinema
• Kid-friendly films
• Kid-friendly movie theaters
• Kid-friendly movies
• Kid-friendly screening

• Sensory-relaxed cinema
• Sensory-relaxed films
• Sensory-relaxed movie theatres
• Sensory-relaxed movies
• Sensory-relaxed screening

• Relaxed cinema
• Relaxed films
• Relaxed movie theatres
• Relaxed movies
• Relaxed screening

• Sensory-sensitive cinema
• Sensory-sensitive films
• Sensory-sensitive movie theatres
• Sensory-sensitive movies
• Sensory-sensitive screening

• Special Needs cinema
• Special Needs films
• Special Needs movie theatres
• Special Needs movies
• Special Needs screening

Help to find sensory-friendly movies.

To sum up, this is a long list!

Nevertheless, there is a solution for you.

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