Hotels are investing the sensory friendly rooms to create a better customer experience for their guests.

Hotel Port aux Basques

As part of a town-wide, autism friendly initiative, in April 2017, the Hotel Port aux Basques in Newfoundland became the first autism-friendly hotel in Canada. They converted a room into a play lounge and sanctuary for children with autism and all their guests.  It includes a plush playboat, a soothing wall with the seaside mural, a climbing wall, and a cocoon-like padded hammock. See the picture below.

The hotel tries to provide a quiet and calming environment for guest with autism and their families.  They also provide a little extra security for guests with children, like adding drawer locks or moving door locks up higher.  The staff also received additional training to help guests with autism.


Sensory Room in Hotel Port aux Basques

Sligo Clayton Hotel

In August 2017, the Clayton Hotel in Sligo County, Ireland created a sensory room in their hotel.  The room is open to the hotel guests, it welcomes both adults and children who need a stress-free and calm space.

Broadway DoubleTree Hotel

Broadway DoubleTree Hotel in Missouri, USA provided additional staff training to help guests with  autism.  They also take initiatives with changing housekeeping options and dining room design to better accommodate guests.

The benefit of having sensory friendly rooms in hotels

Sensory friendly rooms in hotels, along with staff training and a sensory friendly customer experience helps travellers with autism, PTSD, concussion, anxiety, sensory sensitivities and hearing loss.  It also helps all travelers find quiet and calm when needed!


Sensory Friendly Hotels

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