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Are you part of the community of people looking for sensory-friendly experiences?


Likely you would like to learn more!

Then read our feature articles below for people with sensory sensitivities.

Also, learn more from our our blog posts.

Sensory-Friendly Resources: Businesses and Organizations

Are you a business or an organization that wants to learn more about sensory-friendly experiences? 

For instance, you are probably interested in reading about some examples of sensory-friendly experiences.  Therefore, we have a few key sensory-friendly resource articles below to help businesses and organizations learn how to improve the sensory experience at their location or event.

In addition, many more examples are available too on our blog.

Sensory-Friendly Resources: Products

Finally, there are a lot of sensory-related products. 

So, we’ve shared articles about products that are key sensory-friendly resources.

Reduce Noise With Ears Muffs

Do you experience sensory overload in noisy public places?  Furthermore, do you want to buy noise-canceling ear muffs and help your child with sensory sensitivity to noise?  Learn More

Tennis Balls For Chairs

Are you trying to decide what type of chair socks, chair glides or tennis balls for chairs to use in your classroom or school?  Maybe you are asking yourself, why do teachers put tennis balls on chairs in the first place?  Learn More

Weighted Lap Pad

Have you heard someone say, “weighted lap pad”?  Did you wonder what that was?  Did you know that weighted lap buddies are used by children, adults, and seniors alike?  Moreover, people use them at home, school and work.  Learn More

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