Why a Sensory Podcast?

Did you know that according to Google Trends “sensory overload” was being searched over 40,000 times a month by June of 2020?  

Moreover, that is an increase of 50% in the past year alone. 

People just like you are looking for ways to help.   You are not alone.  And help is now out at hand.  Our inaugural sensory podcast shares solutions to your growing problem, shared by many, many other people on our planet.

The world is simply noisier, brighter, busier, and often overwhelming.  You might ask yourself, aren’t things quieter and less busy with COVID-19?  But then you likely find it more difficult to between home and back to school, or back to work and back to your community.  Especially with the barrier of masks making it harder to communicate.  Notwithstanding so many signs with directions to follow.  Finally, there is the added stress when it starts to feel even a little crowded and you worry about getting too close to other people.

Find sensory-friendly solutions in everyday life on our new podcast.  For example, what are the best books to read to understand sensory challenges?  Or, what products actually help you manage sensory sensitivity?  How do families make changes for their children that deliver results in their day-to-day life? Where are the resources that make a difference?   This is the first sensory podcast of its kind.

10 Episodes to listen to and read about.

Enjoy a 10-part deep dive into the world of your senses, sensory sensitivity, and sensory overload.  Furthermore, you will discover those important sensory-friendly solutions for your everyday living.

Hear candid voices on our sensory podcast.  For example, you will learn from international experts, parents, and industry leaders.  In addition, the reflections of our Founder & CEO Christel Seeberger.  Finally, you will hear from people like you, who have created solutions made for the real world that solve their personal sensory challenges.

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