Boy wearing headphonesBecause the world is increasingly busy, noisy, bright and overwhelming to the senses. 

Accordingly, more people are looking for ways to avoid sensory overload.  This includes many people with invisible disabilities and sensory sensitivity.  Furthermore, it may surprise you to learn this includes people anxiety, autism, PTSD, concussion, hearing loss, neurodiversity, TBI, and many other underlying conditions.  These hidden disabilities are increasing in prevalence.  Therefore, more people simply seek a way of life that is less busy.  We estimate 1/3 of the population is prone to sensory sensitivity. That is why businesses and organizations offer sensory-friendly experiences.

Do you already offer a sensory-friendly event, location, product or service?

Businesses are looking for ways to embrace and cater to this large and growing group of people.  They do so by offering sensory-friendly experiences to their customers and clients. Sensory Friendly Solutions provides a centralized listing directory, resources, and training for organizations to adapt their business to accommodate the sensory sensitive audience.  In addition, we offer a number of ways to reach, attract, and engage with this large and growing audience.

To reach the large and growing audience of people looking for sensory-friendly experiences, we help:

  1. Be sure to add yourself to our Sensory Friendly Finder.  People around the world are looking for exactly what you offer.  Te Sensory Friendly Finder is the place they go to find what they want and need in daily life.
  2. Get a blog post showcased by Sensory Friendly Solutions.  Contact us for details.

Do you want to offer a sensory-friendly experience but do not know how?

Did you know we create custom resources and training for businesses and organizations looking to become sensory-friendly?  Reach out and ask us for help.

“It was a breath of fresh air to find Sensory Friendly Solutions.  Times are changing and this company is forging the way!   Our family is so thrilled to see this service available and to watch the sensory-friendly network grow.  It takes a great deal of strength and effort to show up every day in a world that does not accommodate for sensory needs.  By putting supports in place, we can really change the landscape and opportunities significantly for many people and help move the world in a more inclusive direction.   Sensory Friendly Solutions is addressing a big challenge and opportunity for a very large population in Canada and worldwide and we’re thankful for this service!” -Allison I., Ontario, Canada.