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Kerry Leger Jenkins is a registered massage therapist.  She has practiced in Rothesay, New Brunswick, Canada since 2012.

How clients feel in her space is very important, so too is offering sensory-friendly services.  Her clientele includes people with concussion, PTSD, and anxiety.

“I had my office space made sensory friendly last year with Christel Seeberger and it has made a huge impact on my business. Since the space was done, I noticed a substantial increase in bookings, which I found overwhelming, unexpected and completely welcome. My clients who have been here before, some for years, began noticing decor or art work that has been here the whole time because of the movement of items to help group them together, or by suggestion of Christel, placed in another spot altogether. I hear feedback a lot from clients who think my space is “wonderful” or “lovely”  or “welcoming” and I know the help I had and the changes we made are all the reason for it.

“Christel was really great to work with, and was also concerned about me being comfortable with everything we did every step of the way.

“Now moving forward, I know I am meeting  more  needs, some I was unaware of, for everyone in the public. This is very important to me because I work in the public service industry, and I am very thankful to Sensory Friendly Spaces for helping me achieve that!”

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