Judgment-Free Special Abilities Nights

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Special Needs Questions

Wheelchairs or Scooters
The park does not provide wheelchairs, scooters or other mobility aid devices. Visitors are welcome to bring their own. Seating is available throughout the park, with benches near every attraction, and picnic table benches in the enclosed pavilion. Please be advised that our ride operators cannot lift or transfer guests into or out of wheelchairs or other devices.

What to bring.
Some items found to be particularly beneficial for guests with special needs visiting the park include:

Earplugs or headphones can be helpful for guests who are sensitive to a variety of noises. (Read More)
A sensory toy or device can help pass the time while waiting in line or transitioning from ride to ride. It may also help reduce anxiety associated with sensory overload.
Identification card, button, sticker, or bracelet with emergency contact information, especially the mobile phone number of a family member also in attendance, that would assist a staff member in reuniting a lost family member.
A favorite electronic device, book, or toy can help pass the time while waiting in line.
Reinforcers for good behavior can be a helpful way to motivate family members while enjoying a long day in the park.

Needing Assistance Operating Rides
Guests with special needs may elect to participate as a lap rider with a parent or guardian on select attractions depending on safety restraint limitations. Other attractions offer multiple seats for families to ride together. Ride operators are happy to suggest accommodating rides or offer further information about the ride they are operating. Please be advised that our ride operators cannot lift or transfer guests into or out of wheelchairs or other devices.

My child needs a break.
The park offers many areas to take a break including the playground, benches near every attraction, and picnic table benches in the enclosed pavilion. If the fun quickly becomes too overwhelming, arrangements can be made to return on another day, dependent upon how long you spent in the park. Please see a manager in the park if this becomes a concern. Determinations are made on an individual basis. You will need to keep your receipt from the admissions booth to show time of entry.


Q What ages are appropriate for children visiting Diggerland USA?

All rides have height restrictions, which you can find on the ride restrictions page. Please visit this page to view specific ride height and weight requirements PRIOR to your visit.

Diggerland USA is appropriate for children who are at least 36 inches tall. Children under 36″ tall are free to enter the park for a limited number of attractions.

Q How can I tell which rides I can ride?

Most activities involve riding or driving real construction machinery. A brief, general description and photos of each ride are available at http://diggerlandusa.com/attractions/rides/.

Since all of our rides are real construction equipment, they have uniquely different size, shape, access and boarding and seating positions. Skid-Steers have only hand controls. Construction vehicles (Dumper Trucks, Mini Land Rovers, Backhoes and Tractors) other than Skid-Steers have a steering wheel and one foot control. Tractor steering is not power assisted and is therefore is more difficult to steer than, for example, a car that has power steering. No separate brake is provided. Depressing the foot control increases forward speed. Releasing the foot control decreases forward speed and fully releasing the foot control will bring the vehicle to a stop. Diggers are operated from a fixed location. Each has two hand controls and no foot controls. The right-side and left-side hand controls operate the excavator arm. Operating instructions are given by the ride attendant at the time you board the vehicle.

We are occasionally asked, in advance of arrival at the park, if a particular child, or individual with a disability, injury or other concern, will be able to board or operate certain rides or a particular ride. We typically cannot tell in advance of arrival if a specific individual will be able to board or operate a particular ride. Our pedestrian routes to boarding areas are wheelchair-accessible and comply with applicable ADA requirements.

We cannot tell any individual with medical concerns or disabilities if they are able to board or operate a particular ride. We suggest that you consult your doctor before arrival. The rides are described on this page. Your doctor may wish to contact us with questions about the rides.

Any individual who meets all ride height, safety and other requirements may access the ride. Each ride has height requirements, and in some cases weight restrictions, which should be reviewed in advance at http://diggerlandusa.com/ride-restrictions/. Some rides allow for lap riding, provided that the riders meet these requirements and the seat belt fits securely around both riders. A lap rider is only allowed with a parent or legal guardian. A rider must be able to properly use all belts, harnesses, straps, grips and other safety equipment required or provided. A rider must also obey and abide by all written, posted and stated warnings, directions and instructions.

Q Will I get dirty?

Only if you wipe your hands on your jeans instead of a napkin when dining in our café! When you think of digging, you may think dirty. But here, we keep the park meticulously landscaped, attractions maintained and clean, and have paved walkways, waiting areas, and other locations. Please do not wear flip flops or sandals.

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