Kingsbrae Garden

t was an unplanned trip, but I found this place is very sensory friendly, says our MBA intern Elaine!  Here is her sensory friendly discovery:

My friends and I set out from Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada and drove south for about an hour to arrive in the seaside town of St. Andrews, New Brunswick.  It was warm and a sunny afternoon. Driving along Street; I felt we were all in a fairy tale with all cute and colorful houses along both sides of the street.  After enjoying the wharf, a bit of sea and seeing some starfish along the way, we then went to Kingsbrae Garden before dusk. Blooming flowers, cluster after cluster of different kinds of vegetation were immediately on view. Entry was free.

There is a hole in the bush wall where you can have a peek of the garden that makes you wonder if you are still in a fairytale.  What visions you see through this hole!

There are several small gardens that make up Kingsbrae Gardens. We first explored the Sculpture Garden. Every few steps we were surprised by the amazing sculptures behind the flower clusters. It made me curious to wonder what the sculpture artists wanted to pass on thought their masterpieces.

One of the sensory friendly aspects is the Therapy Garden.  While sensory rich with many colors and fragrances, it is also intended to be very soothing and therapeutic.  And it is.  It makes you forget your troubles for a little while.

Solemn. Serene.  These are the first impressions I had when walking into the Labyrinth & Maze. Quiet and trim.  The organization of it all is very soothing to the senses. Standing in the middle of the front gate I could feel the sense of balance and integrity.

I recommend you put Kingsbrae Garden, St. Andrews, New Brunswick on your sensory-friendly travel list, it’s a place worthy of visiting on the East Coast of Canada.

Sensory Friendly Tourist Location: Kingsbrae Garden

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