I like loud. I like quiet. The children's book, journal and short documentary.

Many children with underlying conditions such as anxiety, autism, concussion, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, intellectual disability, learning disability, hearing loss, low vision,  neurological disorders, sensory processing disorder, seizure disorders, and trauma experience sensory sensitivity and sensory overload. 

I like loud. I like quiet., the children’s book and journal, is being written by occupational therapist and Sensory Friendly Solutions founder Christel Seeberger, that explores and validates the different sensory preferences of children.

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L-R Elaine Shannon, Christel Seeberger, Matt Brown

Who cares when the world is too busy, too noisy and too bright?  A short documentary about sensory overload tells the story of people who care.

Why sensory overload?

Arts and culture, events and performances, are by nature and design sensory-rich experiences.  We live in a world where people experience sensory overload.  Champions are emerging from the arts and culture scene to create sensory-friendly experiences.

I like loud. I like quiet., the short documentary, chronicles what it feels like for youth and young adults when daily life is too busy, too noisy and too bright.  It also introduces the sensory-friendly leaders trying to change sensory experiences to be more friendly.

I like loud. I like quiet. is a short documentary about sensory overload. 

Pre-production started in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada in July 2019.

Producer Elaine Shannon, Shannon Multimedia Productions

Executive Producer Christel Seeberger

Director, Producer, Editor Matt Brown, Mountaindale Productions

The short documentary is supported by Sensory Friendly Solutions, the New Brunswick Film Cooperative and Arts and Culture Saint John.

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