Online Accessibility and Inclusion Training for Businesses and Organizations

Transform your event or location into a sensory-friendly, accessible, and inclusive experience.

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Ignite your team with Sensory Friendly Solutions Training.

Sensory Friendly 101 Training

Learn the basics about sensory-sensitivity, sensory overload and becoming more sensory-friendly, accessible and inclusive at your event or location.

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Sensory Friendly Dentistry Training

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Sensory Friendly Performances Training

Coming soon!

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Sensory Friendly Swimming Training

Coming soon!

Sensory Friendly Workplace Training

Coming soon!

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Sensory Friendly Shopping Training

Coming soon!

Start with 101 for any industry

Perfect for any industry, start your accessibility and inclusion journey with Sensory Friendly 101 online training.

Learn the basics about sensory-sensitivity, sensory overload and becoming more sensory-friendly at your event or location.

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"I have single-sided deafness and often struggle with loud or crowded environments.

The Sensory Friendly 101 Training not only helped me better understand my own sensory experience and triggers, but will guide me in making my own art shows more accessible to others."

Be a Part of Accessibility and Inclusion

Become Sensory-Friendly trained!

33% Of People Experience Sensory Differences.

Did you know that up to 33% of the population is more likely to experience sensory sensitivity or sensory overload? Children, adults and seniors alike often find events, locations and experiences too busy, too noisy and too bright.

They are your customers and clients. Your employees and team members. Your family and friends. Make your space more accessible for 1/3 of the population from what you learn in Sensory Friendly Training.

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Sensory Sensitivity and Sensory Overload can be Experienced by Anyone.

Many disabilities, disorders and differences contribute to the increasing demand for sensory-friendly experiences at locations or events.

In fact, sensory sensitivity and sensory overload aren’t just experiences by disabled persons.  They can be experienced by anyone, at any time.

Be part of the solution that makes more people comfortable when you become trained.

Small Sensory Friendly Changes Have a Large Impact.

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headshot of Christel Seeberger with grey background
Christel Seeberger, Founder and CEO of Sensory Friendly Solutions

Sensory overload is overwhelming, but the solutions can be simple.

This mantra of simplicity drives solutions created by Sensory Friendly Solutions with Founder and CEO, Christel Seeberger at the lead.

Working in health care for over 30 years, Christel saw how sensory sensitivity and sensory overload caused people to feel overwhelmed, anxious and stressed in daily life. 

People of all ages simply stopped living life when they could not find sensory-friendly experiences at work, in their community, or when they travelled.

With the disability of adult-onset hearing loss, Christel understands these problems personally; she also experiences sensory sensitivity and sensory overload.

Christel founded Sensory Friendly Solutions to make the world more sensory-friendly.

Why You Should Choose Sensory Friendly Solutions

Since 2016, Sensory Friendly Solutions has worked to achieve its mission as a social enterprise: make the world more sensory-friendly. Sensory Friendly Solutions has established its thought leadership, and demonstrated its subject matter expertise with:

  • Founder and CEO Christel Seeberger has worked in health care for over 30 years and is a person with a hearing disability herself.
  • The world’s first podcast about sensory differences and sensory-friendly solutions. It includes interviews with accessibility and inclusion leaders, as well as people with the lived experience of sensory challenges.
  • A growing newsletter for subscribers interested in delivering sensory-friendly events and locations.
  • An incredible number of free resources for people, businesses, and organizations.  Access blog posts, checklists and guides, a self-assessment tool for businesses and organizations, a short documentary, and first-of-their-kind audio conferences specifically for dentistry and tourism, arts, and culture.

Sensory Friendly Solutions is your key to accessibility and inclusion.

Sensory Friendly Solutions’ mission is to make the world more sensory-friendly.

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Sensory Friendly Solutions is a Certified B Corp™.

B Corporation Certification is a designation that a business meets a high standard of verified performance, accountability, and transparency on factors such as supporting its workers, serving underrepresented populations in the community, sustaining the environment, and creating positive social impact for its customers.

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