At this juncture we will use the same certification vector of online training for consistent visuals and visual recognition that they are on the right page.  In future we will develop more visual assets.

Get accessibility and inclusion training from Sensory Friendly Solutions

Do you wonder how to make your event, location or experience accessible, inclusive or sensory-friendly?

Do you want to ensure the accessibility, inclusion or sensory-friendly steps that you are already taking are credible and complete?

Do you want to attract an underserved and growing market of customers who experience sensory sensitivity or sensory overload?

Then empower your team to deliver accessible, inclusive, sensory-friendly experiences for your business or organization.

Choose customized, online training from Sensory Friendly Solutions.

Let customers and team members know you can be trusted to offer what they want and need: get trained and be certified by Sensory Friendly Solutions.

Sensory Friendly Solutions will tailor online training that matches your industry, your specific event and location needs, your goals, your customers and your team.

*Sensory Friendly Solutions, Internal report data, 2021

Why invest in Sensory Friendly Solutions Training and Certification?

More people than you think are growing the demand for accessible, inclusive sensory-friendly experiences.

Small sensory-friendly changes have a large impact for 33% of the population who are more likely to experience sensory sensitivity and sensory overload.  

Be accessible and include a large, growing and underserved market for your business or organization.  

People with anxiety, autism, concussion, hearing loss, neurodiversity, PTSD, sensory processing disorder and many more disabilities are looking for sensory-friendly experiences.  

Seize the opportunity for 33% of the population to become your customers, too!

We will start with a certificate.  We will build visual content in future as we develop it. 

Be good for people. Be good for business.  Be sensory-friendly.

  • Start with Sensory Friendly 101: understand the sensory sensitivity and sensory overload your customers and even your team members experience. 
  • Learn about the 8 senses: it surprises most people that there are more than five senses.  Learn about all eight senses to help people feel comfortable at your event or location.  
  • Next get industry specific instructions: be able to apply the specific features that your event or location needs to become sensory-friendly, accessible and inclusive.
  • Become adept at accessibility and inclusion:  recognize when features like sensory maps, sensory kits, and sensory-friendly stories are useful to your customer and team members and learn how to create or use them.
  • Identify a specific need for your team, your customers, your business or organization: ask you will receive special training to bridge a gap you have already identified.

Becoming the World's First Sensory-Friendly Certified Performer.

“I am being trained by Sensory Friendly Solutions to become the world’s first Sensory Friendly Certified Performer because accessibility and inclusion for my audience are important to me.”

-Christina Martin, Singer Songwriter  Alison add in her photo

Working with Sensory Friendly Solutions took the stress away.

“Working with Sensory Friendly Solutions took the stress away because of how much information, help and resources were provided in training.”

-Abi Reinhart, Accessibility Leader, Social Enterprise Hub  Alison Add in her photo.

Your journey to accessibility, inclusion and being sensory-friendly is tailored to your business/organization.

headshot of Christel Seeberger with grey background
Christel Seeberger, Founder and CEO of Sensory Friendly Solutions

"Sensory overload is overwhelming, but the solutions can be simple."

This is the mantra that drives solutions created by our Founder and CEO, Christel Seeberger.

Working in health care for over 25 years, Christel Seeberger saw how sensory sensitivity and sensory overload caused people to feel overwhelmed and anxious.  People of all ages simply stopped living life when they could not find sensory-friendly experiences.

With adult-onset hearing loss, Christel understands these problems personally; she also experiences sensory sensitivity and sensory overload.

Why choose Sensory Friendly Solutions?  

Since 2016, Sensory Friendly Solutions has demonstrated our subject matter expertise and thought leadership as we achieve our mission as a social enterprise: make the world more sensory-friendly!

  • Creators of the world’s first podcast about sensory challenges and sensory-friendly solutions, with over 3900+ downloads, interviews with accessibility and inclusion leaders, as well as people with the lived experience of sensory challenges.
  • Disseminators of information with a growing newsletter that has 1500+ subscribers interested in delivering sensory-friendly events and locations. 
  • Spreaders of knowledge with more than 80 blog posts, 10 checklists and guides, a self-assessment tool for events and locations, a short documentary and 2 first-of-their-kind audio conferences.

Trusted by: (remove media).

Frequently Asked Questions.

Who is this training and certification for?

Training and certification are for businesses and organizations who:

-Are committed to accessibility and inclusion.

-Have resources, time and budget to train team members online.

-Are open to learning how to become sensory-friendly.

-Are ready to make small changes that have a large impact at their event or location.

-Want to attract and retain new customers who experience sensory sensitivity or sensory overload.

-Are ready to serve an underserved market and expand their customer base.

-Recognize that being sensory-friendly helps many of their team members, too.


What are the benefits of training and certification?

What does this training cost?

You will receive a quote once:

a) your inquiry is reviewed, and 

b) you have met virtually with Founder and CEO Christel Seeberger to ensure your bespoke needs are met.

How long does training take?

You should expect that core sensory-friendly training takes 6 hours.  

Additional custom topics will take longer, depending on the number of topics and their scope.  

How does my business or organization become certified as part of training?

First, your team completes online training.  

Once trained, an evaluation of your event or location occurs. 

 Finally, you receive certification and a badge for your website.

Can individuals be trained?  And certified?

Yes.  If you have a business or organization of “one” you can still be trained and certified.  

For example, singer-songwriter Christina Martin is becoming the world’s first Sensory Friendly Certified Performer with Sensory Friendly Solutions.

Request Sensory Friendly Solutions Custom Training.

Answer a few short questions to request Sensory Friendly Solutions custom training and start your journey to become certified. Founder and CEO Christel Seeberger will review and respond to your application within 3 business days. 

How many people will require training?(Required)

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