Sensory Friendly Solutions for Businesses

Make customers and clients feel comfortable at your event or location.  There are simple things your business or organization can do to include more people. A better customer experience means new and returning clients.  

Small sensory-friendly changes have a large impact.

Find helpful podcast episodes and blog posts below. 

Sensory Friendly Solutions Self-Assessment Quiz

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How sensory-friendly is your event or location?

Take our simple, nine question, Sensory Friendly Solutions Self-Assessment Quiz to find out.

Get a report with changes you can make to create a sensory-friendly experience at your event or location. 

Small sensory-friendly changes have a large impact.

Make people comfortable.  Keep your customers and clients coming back for more.

55+ Travelers: Arriving & Thriving Audio Conference


Learn how tourism, arts and culture can deliver exceptional sensory-friendly experiences for the growing ’55 plus’ traveler market.

Listen to exclusive podcast conversations, for free, with leaders in tourism, tourist attractions, along with arts and cultural organizations who know how to make simple sensory-friendly changes that create exceptional experiences. You will also hear from travelers themselves and organizations who understand the needs of the 55+ market.

Sensory Friendly Tourism Checklist cover

Resource: Sensory Friendly Tourism Checklist

More and more people are looking for sensory-friendly experiences in daily life, in their communities, and when they travel. There are simple things you can do to help your event or location become sensory-friendly and make more people comfortable.

A Better Restaurant Experience for Seniors with Hearing Loss cover

Resource: Restaurant Guide for Seniors

Did you know at least a third of the population over 65 years of age has hearing loss that is disabling? There are a few easy changes restaurants can make are key to ensuring seniors enjoy dining and become regulars.

Sensory Friendly Halloween cover

Resource: Sensory Friendly Halloween

Hallowe’en is a sensory-rich experience that can easily become overwhelming for many children.  Learn about sensory-friendly trick or treating to make Halloween fun for all children. 

Sensory Friendly Santa Clause Parade cover

Resource: Sensory Friendly Santa Claus Parade

Did you know that adding a quiet zone to your Santa Claus Parade will help children and adults alike enjoy the experience?  In a few easy steps you can make your parade sensory-friendly.

How-To Guide: Sensitive Santa cover

Resource: Sensitive Santa Events

Creating a Santa Claus visiting event that helps all children enjoy Santa is easy with this guide.  Making Santa, “Sensitive” and sensory-friendly ensure smiles and joy all-around. 

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