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Sensory Friendly Solutions' Favourite Things

Sensory Friendly Solutions’ Favourite Things recognizes products that help people manage sensory sensitivity or reduce sensory overload.  

Sensory Friendly Solutions’ Favourite Things are evaluated by Sensory Friendly Solutions, a B Corp™ certified, woman-owned, disability-owned social enterprise on a mission to make the world more sensory-friendly.  

Favourite Things are assessed based on how they help people manage their sensory sensitivity or reduce their experience of sensory overload.  Furthermore, the companies behind the products who receive the special designation are evaluated on their corporate mission and commitment to be a business that does good in the world.

Sensory Friendly Solutions does not receive affiliate fees or payments from companies that are awarded a Sensory Friendly Solutions’ Favourite Things designation.

Only products designated by Sensory Friendly Solutions can identify themselves as one of  Sensory Friendly Solutions’ Favourite Things.

Sensory Friendly Solutions' Favourite Things

Frogglez swim goggles with the words "sensory friendly" and Sensory Friendly Solutions logo.

Frogglez Swim Goggles

Invented by a dad who watched his daughter’s swim goggles pull her hair and slip off during swim lessons. He created a new design that keeps goggles from slipping, won’t get stuck or tangle long, curly hair, and is easy for little hands to manage. Now, our comfortable swimming goggles are sold around the world to swimmers of all ages.

Frogglez Goggles unique design keeps goggles from slipping, won’t get stuck or tangle long, curly hair, and is easy for little hands to manage. They are also the only swim goggles in the world that are a Certified Autism Resource; found to improve the lives of individuals on the autism spectrum.

Sensory-friendly features of Frogglez Goggles include:

  • non-slip fabric strap glides overhead for all hair types without pulling or tangling
  • soft, smooth seams on the goggle strap won’t irritate sensitive skin
  • one-piece silicone goggles with flexible nose piece eliminate water leakage
  • hassle-free fit and ease of use promote swimmer independence 
  • Velcro tabs are easy to adjust and add a built-in fidget 
  • split-strap distributes pressure to provide calming sensory input  
  • optional extender rings offer an adjustable, watertight fit 
  • inclusive sizing for ages 3-99
  • wide-angle lens increases visual range and provides 100% UV protection
  • varying tints address light sensitivity

Hammer Head Swim Cap

If you are looking for a sensory-friendly swim cap, Hammer Head® is for you! 

Made with tear-resistant premium silicone for easy-on and easy-off and won’t pull your hair. It comes in three sizes so for those of you who can’t tolerate a tight fit – this makes the difference when it comes to comfort! 

Hammer Head is also the world’s only protective swim cap, in fact it is 50% safer than other caps. It delivers patented head protection inside to help with spatial distancing challenges and unpredictable movements in the pool. 

You need to protect your future!

Sensory-friendly features of Hammer Head Swim Caps:

  • three sizes for best fit: compression for swimmers who want it, looser fit for swimmers who don’t
  • three sizes also fit swimmers of all ages
  • smooth silicone material reduces pulling and tugging on hair
  • resists tearing
  • designed for the shape of the human head
  • one-piece and seamless design
  • reduces noise sensitivity when pulled over ears
  • protects head from accidental head bumps 
Hammer Head swim caps with the words "Sensory Friendly, Yes!" displayed.
Small child from the waist down wearing sensory-friendly clothing with the Chantilly logo.

Chantilly Comfort Wear

Chantilly Comfort Wear is dedicated to creating beautiful and on-trend clothing that is designed and adapted to cause the least amount of sensory input.

They use soft, durable, stretchy and breathable fabrics as well as styles with no buttons, clasps, tight elastics or other irritants. They also use stamp on tags and minimal seams.

Chantilly Comfort Wear was created after the owner struggled with her own sensory issues surrounding clothes and was desperate for a solution.

The result was so life changing that she wanted to share this comfort with the world! The sensory friendly clothing they focus on is women’s clothing- including undergarments- and children’s clothing, with a grow-with-me style.

Sensory-friendly features of Chantilly Comfort Wear:

  • soft, durable, stretchy, breathable fabrics
  • no buttons, clasps or zippers
  • no tight elastic
  • grow-with-me style
  • no tags, stamps instead
  • flat seams

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Young girl posing wearing sensory-friendly jumper from Chantilly Comfort Wear..

What Does Sensory-Friendly Clothing Mean?

Does your child have difficulty finding comfortable clothing? Maybe you do yourself? People with sensory sensitivity may find certain clothes itchy, heavy or tight. Furthermore, this contributes to sensory overload.

About Sensory Friendly Solutions

Since 2016, Sensory Friendly Solutions has worked to achieve its mission as a social enterprise: make the world more sensory-friendly.  Sensory Friendly Solutions has established thought leadership, and demonstrated subject matter expertise with:

  • The world’s first podcast about sensory challenges and sensory-friendly solutions, including interviews with accessibility and inclusion leaders, as well as people with the lived experience of sensory challenges.
  • A growing newsletter for subscribers interested in delivering sensory-friendly events and locations.
  • An incredible number of free resources just for you.  Access blog posts, checklists and guides, a self-assessment tool for events and locations, a short documentary and first-of-their-kind audio conferences specifically for dentistry and tourism, arts, and culture.
headshot of Christel Seeberger with grey background
Christel Seeberger, Founder and CEO of Sensory Friendly Solutions

Sensory overload is overwhelming, but the solutions can be simple.

This is the mantra that drives solutions created by Sensory Friendly Solutions Founder and CEO, Christel Seeberger.

Working in health care for over 30 years, Christel Seeberger saw how sensory sensitivity and sensory overload caused people to feel overwhelmed and anxious.  People of all ages simply stopped living life when they could not find sensory-friendly experiences.

With adult-onset hearing loss, Christel understands these problems personally; she also experiences sensory sensitivity and sensory overload.

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