COVID-19 and Sensory Overload

Do you experience sensory sensitivity?

Have a hidden or invisible disability?

And has COVID-19 added to your sensory overload?

Find help here.

Sensory Friendly Solutions has partnered with New Brunswick Community College (NBCC) Centre for Applied Research in Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing for a “Community Resource Awareness During and After COVID-19” research project.


Read blog posts below about how to help with sensory overload for all ages during COVID-19.


Look for sensory-friendly locations and events in the Sensory Friendly Finder.  Including categories like Special Shopping Hours for seniors and people with disabilities, Online Healthcare and Virtual Visits to Attractions.


Interested in specific sensory-friendly topics?  Go to children, business, tourism or work


Want to help inform our upcoming podcast series on sensory overload and the impact of COVID-19? Fill out our survey.

Blog Posts

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