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Contributions from bloggers

We are seeking contributions from bloggers to add to the sensory-friendly blog we host.!  Thanks for checking out this wonderful opportunity.

We invite you to share your knowledge, helpful products or services and storytelling with the sensory-friendly community.  Therefore, we are looking for contributions from bloggers to create new blog posts for us to share.

First, are you looking for an opportunity to tell your story?

  • Parenting a child (of any age) who has a sensory processing disorder.
  • Alternatively, parenting of a child (of any age) who experiences sensory overload for any reason.
  • Experiencing sensory overload as an adult.
  • Managing sensory sensitivity as an adult.
  • Being a partner or spouse of someone with sensory sensitivity.
  • Resilience when sensory sensitivity is a problem at home, school, work or in the community.
  • Why sensory-friendly events, places, products, and services make a difference.
  • Finally, other topics around the themes of sensory sensitivity or sensory overload.

Furthermore, you are a good fit if this describes you too:

  • Some blogging or writing experience.
  • In addition, you love storytelling.
  • Most importantly, looking for unpaid contributions.

Moreover, you are willing to follow our guidelines:

  • Positive approach.
  • Good things to say.
  • Tell your story in a positive way.
  • Your offer: simple, loveable and complete.
  • Likewise:  helpful, going beyond self-promotion.
  • Keep the limit of one backlink to your own blog or website.
  • Relatable and compelling storytelling.
  • An opinion that is your own.
  • Alternatively, an opinion that is evidence-informed.
  • Ability to provide a new, original 1200 to 1700 word blog post with:
    • At least 3 subheadings, with more preferred
    • Suggested keywords for SEO
    • At least one blog post image that you have the rights to release
    • Content that is not repeated elsewhere (we will check)
  • Provide a headshot and brief author bio
  • Give suggested hashtags for social media shares.
  • Complete a guest blogger agreement

In addition, this is what you get:

  • An opportunity to tell your story
  • The ability to share your related product or service
  • How to blog tips
  • How to share on social media tips
  • An image you can add to your own website and share on your social media platforms to let people know you were featured by us.  You can promote your credibility.

Read some of our past blog posts.  We are seeking contributions from bloggers who can expand on our topics.  Furthermore, we invite you to tell your story and add new, sensory-friendly relevant blogs too.  Besides, we know there are many compelling stories out there.  There is much to share about the challenges and solutions of sensory-friendly living.

In addition, where appropriate, we will also share mention of your blog post in our newsletter, and across our social media channels.

Finally, we want to share the love.  Check out this parenting coach blogger, Alison Smith, if you want to be inspired by parenting with positivity.


Link to some of your best work.
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