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Have you purchased a training membership and encountered a technical issue?

Here are the most common troubleshooting steps to take before contacting us:

  • Accept cookies.  Third party software is needed to host and deliver virtual training, and cookies are part of those software platforms (you can read more in our cookie policy, privacy policy and terms and conditions).
  • Turn off any VPN before accessing the checkout page.  
  • Clear your browser cache.
  • Try a different browser.

If you are have tried all of these common technical solutions and are still having difficulties, please fill out the form below to reach out for support.  Let us know as much detail as possible about the technical problemy you are encountering.  We will try to figure out if the technical issue is one we can help you with!

Are you a business or organization looking to become more sensory-friendly, accessible and inclusive?

Get online, on-demand sensory-friendly training via membership that matches your industry, your customers and your team.

If you are looking for custom training, these are the options we provide.  Fill out the form below to apply to purchase one of these customized training solutions:

  • Request Enterprise Pricing for 500+ Training Memberships.
  • Book a live, virtual training session with Sensory Friendly Solutions Founder Christel Seeberger.
  • Apply for our one month program to get customized virtual training, including an audit of a single event, location or experience.
  • Apply for Sensory Friendly Solutions Certification, a 10-week program for key staff that includes ten, highly customized virtual training sessions specific to your event, location, experience and your teams’ training needs as well as an audit of your existing event, location or experience.

A reminder that Sensory Friendly Solutions:

  • is not interested in a paid placement in our blogs or socials to endorse your product or service.  Instead, products and services we mention have completed one ofour training certification programs.
  • does not exchange backlinks.   
  • does not accept unsolicited guest blog post requests to write or be featured in one of our blogs.   

Are you a parent, educator, caregiver or person looking for individual help with sensory-friendly living?

Learn more with our extensive free blogs.  

Neither Sensory Friendly Solutions, nor its founder Christel Seeberger provide occupational therapy services.

Occupational therapy often helps individuals or groups who experience sensory differences.  Neither Sensory Friendly Solutions, nor founder Christel Seeberger provide individual or group occupational therapy.

Here are some ways you can find an occupational therapist instead:

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