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Sensory Friendly Solutions focuses on building inclusive spaces through training, certification, consulting and product recognition, not individual therapy.

We recognize and support that occupational therapy is an excellent resource for addressing your specific and individual sensory needs, and we encourage you to explore that option.

Important Disclaimer:

No-one on the team at Sensory Friendly Solutions, includng its founder Christel Seeberger, provide occupational therapy services or intervention through Sensory Friendly Solutions.

Here are some resources to help you find an occupational therapist:

Media Inquiries

Calling all journalists and storytellers!

We’re passionate about making the world more inclusive for everyone. If you’re interested in featuring Sensory Friendly Solutions in your article, broadcast, or publication, we’d love to hear from you.

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We appreciate your interest in spreading the word about the importance and need for sensory-friendly spaces!  Christel Seeberger, our Founder and CEO with over 30 years of experience, is also open to interview requests.  And read ore about us or check our media page.

Supporting Our Community

We are not seeking collaborations from marketers, content providers, and other bloggers.  Our content creation focuses on sharing our own resources, business partnerships with fellow B Corps and social enterprises, and dedicating our time to support the customers of our products and services on their journey to greater accessibility, inclusion and becoming sensory-friendly.

To ensure we can continue the dedication of our small but mighty team to these important efforts, we kindly ask that inquiries related to marketing, content creation, or guest blogging on our site or our platforms be directed to other businesses actively seeking such partnerships at this time.

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