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Want to make your business, event, location, or organization sensory-friendly, accessible and inclusive?  Get training and order kits.

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Are you a parent, educator, caregiver or person looking for sensory-friendly help?

Discover all Sensory Friendly Solutions’ free resources.

Want individual, personalized help?  Reach out to a local occupational therapist.  Neither Sensory Friendly Solutions, nor its founder Christel Seeberger, offers individual, personal help.

Download a sample advocacy letter from our blog post, “Why Sensory Friendly?” Use it to write to a business or organization that you would like to see become sensory-friendly.  Ask businesses and organizations you want to offer sensory-friendly experiences to get trained and purchase kits, too.

Are you  journalist, or producer looking for a contribution to a story about something sensory-friendly?

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