Here’s How to Claim Your Business Listing

Did you know, there is a largely untapped market of people in your community?  A large and growing percentage of the population (estimated as high as 33%) have sensory sensitivity and they are looking for sensory-friendly experiences. Furthermore, they are seeking businesses, events, places, services and products that provide a sensory-friendly experience.  Is that you? Claiming or creating a listing in the Sensory Friendly Finder makes it easy for sensory-friendly seekers to find you and your business!

Sensory Friendly Solutions is here to help you attract and engage this large and growing local and global community.  They are looking for what you provide. Most importantly, they want a one-stop place to find what they seek.  People living in your community and our website visitors are seeking the sensory-friendly experience or products you offer.  Claim your business listing today!

You can achieve maximum reach and engagement.

Promote your sensory-friendly business, event, or attraction on our Sensory Friendly Finder with a FREE business listing.

A Free Listing lets you include many options– business name, tagline, address, and a simple description.  A free listing can be created by anyone, including members of the public who want to share their sensory-friendly “find” with others in the sensory-friendly community.

To claim a Free listing your first step is to Create a User Account. Creating a User Account only takes a minute or two. The video below walks through the process step-by-step.

The Sensory-Friendly Finder is often the first stop for parents, caregivers and people looking for sensory-friendly businesses, events, and attractions.

This exceptional opportunity provides you with a full-page website including full contact info, Google map with a pin designating your location, driving instructions, description, FAQs, social media links, 5 photos, space for one of your Youtube videos along with client reviews about your all-important sensory-friendly experience.

Also included with your account, is a password-protected dashboard providing statistics on visitor traffic, leads, and so much more.

Creating Your Business Listing is Fast, Easy and Free!

Create your free listing now to see how simple the process is. Best of all you can have your business listing up, approved and attracting new customers within a day.

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