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Chair Socks, Chair Glides and Tennis Balls for Chairs

Are you trying to decide what type of chair socks, chair glides or tennis balls for chairs to use in your classroom or school?  Why do teachers put tennis balls on chairs in the first place?  You might even be wondering if you should use chair feet covers or tennis balls for chairs in your own home or at work.  This blog post will help answer your questions about chair socks and other types of chair feet covers.  You will learn about the following topics:

Why do teachers put tennis balls on chairs?

Different words used to describe chair socks.

Chair socks buying checklist.

Solutions for a noisy classroom.

Help for chair feet noise at work.

Ideas for chair feet noise at home.

Tennis balls chair glides

Why do Teachers put Tennis Balls on Chairs?

Teachers cover the chair feet with pads, glides, socks, covers and the very commonly seen tennis balls to stop or reduce the scraping sound of the chair against the floor every time a child moves their chair.  Some children may experience sensory overload, which causes them to feel uncomfortable and have difficulty learning.  Learn more about sensory overload.  Some children may be sensitive to noise, and may have a sensory processing disorder which causes them to be hypersensitive to noise.  Learn more about sensory disorders.

Imagine the number of times during the school day that children get up out of their chairs.  Now consider the amount of noise that makes for children who have a sensory disorder.  Even children who do not, can experience sensory overload with the sound of chairs scraping against the floor.

There are several different types of chair feet covers that can be used to reduce noise.  For example, regular tennis balls make great chair feet covers, or get them under the brand name, Chair Sox.  You can also find chair socks made of material specifically designed to cover chair feet.  Here is a list of common terms to help you with your search.

Different Words Used to Describe Chair Socks, Glides or Balls

  • Chair glides
  • Black tennis balls
  • Tennis balls for chairs
  • Chair feet pads
  • Tennis balls on chair legs
  • Chair leg socks
  • Furniture footies
  • Chair feet covers
  • Precut tennis balls

Chair Sock Buying Checklist

  • How many chair legs do I need to cover?
  • Do I need to buy chair socks in bulk or single packs?
  • Is this for home use or industrial (school or work use)?
  • How durable a chair sock product do I need?
  • Does color matter?
  • Does style matter?
  • Are the chair leg diameters of different sizes or the same size?
  • Are the chair leg bottoms the same size as the chair leg or bigger?
  • What size opening do I need to accommodate?


To help you narrow down your search, here are some examples of each type for school, home or office:

Solutions For a Noisy Classroom

Did you know that there are special chair glides are available specifically for classroom chairs?

These are an alternative to tennis balls on chair legs.

If you want to order tennis balls on chairs, you can order them in bulk for a whole school.  Look for them in different colors too.

You can also order them in packs of four for smaller settings or just one classroom.

Make sure you order them pre-cut like the examples above!

Help For Chair Feet Noise at Work

Does the constant scraping of chair feet in the office kitchen make your lunch break intolerable?  There are solutions for office kitchen noise at work.

The first is black tennis balls that are specially sized to be smaller and less obtrusive for an office setting.  They also come in different colors like grey or brown to match your office décor.

Another solution is knitted chair socks that you can order in different sizes.  They too, come in different colors to match the office.  However, they might be less durable for an office setting if there are a lot of employees.

Ideas For Chair Feet Noise at Home

Chair feet pads are less likely to hold up in the classroom, but they might be a good option for you at home, especially in the dining room or living room.

Another fun solution for your home might be custom knitted chair socks in different patterns or you may want to simply order a single set of 4 tennis balls to put on chair legs where your child sits to study.

Is noise a problem in your daily life?  Do you experience sensory overload?  Maybe you or someone in your family experiences sensory sensitivity. Did you know you can search for sensory-friendly places and events in the Sensory Friendly Finder?

We want you to know that as an Amazon Associate, we may earn from qualifying purchases.

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