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Dr. Bill Wong speaking on stage at his TEDx talk

Dr. Bill Wong is Fighting On as an Autistic Adult

Dr. Bill Wong, occupational therapist, reveals his unexpected path to being diagnosed as an autistic adult while studying occupational therapy. He also shares the power of finding another adult occupational therapist with autism as a key turning point in his life. Dr. Wong’s motto is Fighting On and he works to mentor autistic adults and fellow occupational therapists around the globe about life with autism.

headshot of Renee Warren

Working From Home In a Pandemic with Renée Warren

Renée Warren, mom, serial entrepreneur, and mentor coaches us to expect downcycles as part of our lived experiences. She tells us to understand our own brain as a key to success in daily life. Renée advocates for curiosity as a powerful strategy to reducing our sensory overload.

You Have Eight Senses Not Five

You are probably surprised to learn that you have eight senses.  Though in truth, you have more than eight senses, nonetheless for today we are just going to stick to eight for the purposes of understanding your brain and body, sensory sensitivity, and sensory overload. Here is a list of the eight: Visual sense Auditory

Who Has Sensory-Sensitivity?

First, we all have sensory sensitivity.  We are all sensitive to our senses! Second, for some people, this is a problem because they are over or undersensitive compared to the rest of us.  Third, this extra level of sensory sensitivity includes people of all ages.  Fourth, extra sensitivity can occur to any of the eight

words and breathe

What is the Meaning of Sensory-Friendly?

First, know that sensory refers to any single sense.  But it also can refer to your eight senses.  Second, your senses are what you see, hear, taste, touch, smell.  Moreover, include your sense of movement, balance, and internal body sense.  That is to say, yes indeed you have more than 5 senses.  You probably have

young boy sensitive to noise

Sensory Overload: is it a Problem in Your Life?

Two of the most common questions about sensory overload are: What does it mean? What causes it? Sensory overload: a definition Sensory overload happens when the senses are overstimulated or overwhelmed.  You are likely already thinking of your five senses.  See, hear, taste, touch, and smell. Did you know that you have more than five

Ear Muffs and Reducing Noise for Sensory Sensitivity

Do you experience sensory overload in noisy public places?  Furthermore, do you want to buy noise-canceling ear muffs to help your child with sensory sensitivity to noise?  Also, perhaps do you ask, how do I protect my baby’s hearing? In this article, you will learn about earmuffs.  You will learn about all the words that


Chair Socks, Chair Glides and Tennis Balls for Chairs

Are you trying to decide what type of chair socks, chair glides, or tennis balls for chairs to use in your classroom, or workplace?  Do you wonder why teachers put tennis balls on chairs in the first place?  You might even be wondering if you should use chair feet covers or tennis balls for chairs

Deaf and Hard of Hearing with masks and barriers.

Being Deaf or Harding of Hearing makes it worse. In my family, being deaf and hard of hearing is more common than not.  Now, those with hearing impairment are experiencing new challenges brought on by the Coronavirus. My entire life I have been taught that when speaking to others, I need to face them.  That

The Importance of Mental Health

Humanity is in the middle of a global pandemic and there is a developing focus on the importance of mental health during the COVID-19 crisis. It makes us realize the importance of mental health all the time. Many people have found the silver lining of the self-quarantine, some even view it as a welcome change

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