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Stella Waterhouse and the cover of her book "Autism Decoded: The Cracks in the Code"

Prepare for sensory-friendly tourism with Stella Waterhouse

Stella Waterhouse, author, autism educator, is creating a solution, even in her retirement, to help people with Koloko Travel. Moreover, travel does not just mean abroad, but close to home too. Her personal experiences with sensory sensitivity have shaped her own understanding and leadership in the field. As Stella says, things still need to be explained, the deluge of information is part of our sensory overload.

Young boy sitting in movie theatre with with his finger over his mouth.

What are Sensory Friendly Movies?

Have you seen sensory-friendly movies advertised? Maybe you wonder what: do sensory-friendly films mean? is an autism-friendly screening? is a relaxed screening? do sensory screenings mean then? is a sensory-sensitive movie? if they are all the same thing? What are sensory-friendly movies? A sensory-friendly movie changes your sensory experience.  This happens through what you hear. 

Young girl sitting in movie theatre leaning on chair.

Sensory Relaxed Performances: How-to and What to Expect

Have you heard the phrase relaxed performance?  As a result, are you wondering what those words mean? Maybe you want to offer a relaxed performance and need help?  Do you wonder what makes a performance sensory relaxed?  On the other hand, do you wonder, is a sensory-friendly performance and relaxed performance the same thing? What

Mother and son grocery shopping.

Autism Hour vs. Sensory-Friendly Shopping

Have you heard about autism hour?  Or, sensory-friendly shopping times?  Maybe you have seen a store promote a special autism hour?  Alternatively, do shops in your community promote sensory-friendly shopping times?  Curious about what autism hour is?  Are you wondering what it means and why its popularity is growing?   Finally, are you surprised when

Christina Martin sitting on chair.

Christina Martin: Sensory-Friendly Shows Online

Canadian singer-songwriter Christina Martin is leading the charge to adopt sensory-friendly, inclusive performances at her shows around the world and online.  In this blog post, she answered a series of questions about her journey to inclusion. What has made inclusion, becoming sensory-friendly important to you as a musician? In Real Life The fact that fans

Inside of Cameron Library.

Neurodiversity for Children and Teens: the Burnaby Public Library example

Have you heard the term neurodiverse, neuroatypical or neurodiversity being used more recently?  Learn more about what the word means here. People who identify with being neurodiverse may also seek sensory-friendly experiences due to sensory sensitivity or sensory overload. The neurodiverse experts are in our communities. For the past two years, the Burnaby Public Library

Tropical sunset over ocean.

Sensory-Friendly Travel: 5 Lessons

Does travel always mean sensory overload?  Especially for autism travel? Urbanization, crowding, noise, mass media, social media, technology, and the explosive growth of information all contribute to sensory overload.  With so many environmental elements that affect an individual, it’s no wonder in today’s world that the body’s senses experience over-stimulation from the environment.  This is

Dr. Peggy Bown and patient

Sensory-Friendly Dentists: More Than Autistic Patients

You make think sensory-friendly is just for dentists for adults with autism or autistic children.  However, many more people seek out dentists who manage the sensory-rich experience of dental care.  Although pediatric dentists and dentists for autistic adults and children should offer a sensory-friendly dental appointment too. Peggy Bown Dentistry:  a sensory-friendly dentist, an autism-friendly

Jumping Jacks Clothing Boutique Logo

Jumping Jacks Children’s Boutique: a Sensory-Friendly Store.

Jumping Jacks Children’s Boutique is a sensory-friendly leader. They are located in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.  Moreover, they are locally owned.  Jumping Jacks is a quality children’s and maternity consignment boutique.   Furthermore, they also proudly carry many local new products along with other new products. Alessa Martin, an autism mom, established jumping Jacks in 2018. 

Girl swimming under water.

Sensory-Friendly Swimming and Autism Swim Lessons

Have you heard the expressions of sensory-friendly swim times and autism-friendly swimming lessons?  Moreover, are you confused by them?  There are a lot of phrases used to describe adaptive swim lessons for autism.  In addition, there are different words used to sensory-friendly swim times.  In general, sensory-friendly swimming and autism swimming lessons are similar.  Both

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