Family at sensory-friendly aquarium pointing at fish swimming.

Tips for a Sensory-Friendly Aquarium

An aquarium is a fun and to visit for people of all ages. Did you know that it is important to be sensory-friendly for your visitors? Creating a sensory-friendly aquarium experience makes your aquarium accessible and inclusive to more people. Furthermore, making aquarium visitors more comfortable encourages loyalty and positive reviews, too! Many people, of

Group of children and adult on a rollercoaster at a sensory-friendly theme park.

Make Your Theme Park Sensory-Friendly

Visiting theme parks is a popular family activity. Theme parks are also unique tourist attractions. But did you know that many families avoid them? The movement of rides, bright lights, and all the sounds and noises, and crowds of people make theme parks sensory-rich. For families with children who have sensory sensitivities, (or adults themselves)

Two grooms smiling at each other at their sensory-friendly wedding.

Make Your Wedding Venue a Sensory Oasis: A Guide to Accessibility and Comfort

Sound, Light, Comfort: Practical Tips for a Sensory-Friendly Wedding Experience Have you ever dreamed of a wedding celebration that caters to everyone’s needs, creating a truly unforgettable and joyful experience? Wedding planners, imagine offering a unique venue that stands out by being inclusive and accessible. Second, Couples, picture a wedding day where all your guests

Harbour Passage red coloured city walking path on the water front.

Sensory-Friendly Tourist Attraction: City Walking Path

Looking for a sensory-friendly activity to do? Maybe in your hometown? Or something simple while traveling? Moreover, if someone is your family has sensory sensitivities, finding an activity can be a challenge. For many people, popular outdoor activities such as swimming or parks are overwhelming. Oftentimes, tourist attractions are too loud, busy and sensory-rich. An

Young family sitting on hotel bed with suitcase while on vacation.

Plan a Sensory-Friendly Vacation

Are you planning your next vacation? Does a member of your family struggle with sensory sensitivity or sensory overload? Travelling can be stressful and challenging at the best of times! A sensory-friendly vacation is a solution for a less stressful and more enjoyable vacation, be it solo, duo or with a group of family or

Young family sitting on beach towel at sensory-friendly beach.

Make your Beach Sensory-Friendly

Many people enjoy visiting the beach. However, did you know that some families avoid the beach? The crowds of people, loud noises and lack of shade can all be very overwhelming for children with sensory sensitivity. That is true for adults and seniors too! Have you ever considered making your beach sensory-friendly? There are easy,

A woman her two daughters standing in a busy airport.

Accessible Travel: Unlocking a World of Inclusion for All

Easily Go Beyond Ramps and Restrooms: How Sensory-Friendly Practices Enhance Accessibility The travel industry thrives on creating unforgettable experiences. However, for many individuals with disabilities, traditional travel options can present significant barriers. Importantly, this is where accessible travel comes in – a movement within the tourism sector dedicated to removing these barriers and ensuring everyone

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