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Three women sitting on stools presenting to an audience at a conference

An Inclusive Champion’s Retreat: A Case Study in Sensory Friendly Event Planning

Making Conferences Accessible for All: The B Corp Example Have you ever attended an event and felt overwhelmed by the bright lights, loud noise, and bustling crowds? For people with sensory sensitivities, these seemingly minor discomforts can be significant. In fact, they are enough to deter people from attending conferences. Furthermore, sensory overload from bright

Mixed race couple with their child eating out at a restaurant

Case Study: Implementing a Sensory-Friendly Dining Experience

Jungle Jim’s Goes Sensory-Friendly: Creating a Welcoming Space for All Diners Jungle Jim’s Restaurant, a beloved Miramichi institution, has always strived to provide a fun and friendly dining experience. But they recognized that for some patrons, especially those with autism and other sensory sensitivities, the restaurant environment contributes to sensory overload. As a result, Autism

Referee about to drop the puck between two hockey players on the ice

Case Study: Improving Accessibility and Inclusion at a Hockey Arena

From Shutout to Win: Creating a Quiet Room to Enjoy a Sensory Friendly Hockey Game After they tested out a sensory-friendly quiet room during a hockey game at their arena, community volunteers with the Miramichi Timberwovles and the Executive Director of Autism Resources Miramichi, asked Sensory Friendly Solutions to audit the space. They wanted sensory-friendly

backs of heads of a full audience watching a theatre performance

Case Study: Young People’s Theatre Becomes Even More Sensory-Friendly

Theatre has the unique power to unite diverse groups, spark imagination, and inspire change. Yet, not everyone has had the chance to experience the magic of live performance due to various sensory barriers. At Young People’s Theatre (YPT), the mission to make accessible theatre more inclusive to all young people, regardless of their abilities, is

trio of young women, one wearing noise cancelling headphones, taking a selfie, in a crown of people at night

Case Study: Atlantic Art at Night Festivals Alliance Learns About Being Sensory-Friendly

Making Art at Night Shine for Everyone: A Sensory-Friendly Success Story with the AANFA The Challenge: Atlantic Art at Night Festivals Alliance (AANFA) wanted to create a more welcoming and inclusive environment for all art enthusiasts, but large crowds, bright lights, and loud noises can be overwhelming for some attendees with sensory sensitivities. If you

Female, white, wheelchair user with glasses and a laptop on her lap in a large hallway of a conference centre

Case Study: ‘Let Us Help Each Other’ an Accessible Conference for Disabled Persons

Making Inclusion a Reality: How “Let Us Help Each Other” Created a more Sensory-Friendly Conference with our help The “Let Us Help Each Other” conference, held in March 2024 at the Membertou Trade and Convention Centre in Nova Scotia, Canada, promised a compelling platform: accessibility and disability from indigenous perspectives. But for conference organizers, they

Cozy co-working space with chairs and tables

Case Study: Co-working Space and Office Building at The Social Enterprise Hub

In order to create an inclusive environment for their co-working space and office building, the Social Enterprise Hub completed training and a transformation project with Sensory Friendly Solutions. The objective was straightforward, but impactful: create a more sensory-friendly experience for Hub tenants in their co-working space and their respective clients and customers throughout the building.

Sensory friendly massage clinic.

Case Study: Attract More Customers by Becoming Sensory-Friendly

Read a story of a DIY sensory-friendly transformation at a massage therapy practice.  These changes have helped to attract more customers and garnered greater positive reviews from returning customers. Creating a sensory-friendly experience does two important things for businesses of all types, it: Sensory-friendly solutions can be no or low cost This is a low-cost

Christina Martin sitting on chair.

Case Study: Singer-Songwriter Christina Martin and Virtual Sensory-Friendly Shows

Canadian singer-songwriter Christina Martin is leading the charge to adopt inclusive, sensory-friendly performances at her shows.  Both in-person and online performances.  In this blog post, she answered a series of questions about her journey to inclusion and the results of her work with Sensory Friendly Solutions. What has made inclusion and becoming sensory-friendly important to

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