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disabled young woman sitting in a wheelchair playing tennis

Disabled person or person with a disability?

Many people are confused and apprehensive about how to refer to different groups of people. That includes people with disabilities, as well as older adults, for example. The words you use change over time and new words emerge. Simply put, it is often unclear how to refer to other people in a way that is

Santa Clause waving at a sensory-friendly parade.

Choose a Sensory Friendly Santa Claus Parade for Your Child

Parades are a sensory-rich experience. As a result, parades are often a Christmas event that is not accessible to many families. Is that true for your family? Sensory-rich means there is a lot of things in the location or event that stimulate the senses. Moreover, you have more than 5 senses. For many children (and

Family on Christmas morning unwrapping presents.

5 steps to a Sensory Friendly Christmas

Christmas is an exciting time of the year for families to celebrate the holiday season. Getting together with friends and family, visiting Santa and watching a Santa Claus Parade are all part of the fun.  However, for many children and adults, Christmas is stressful. The change in routine, interacting with strangers and being in large

Santa claus reading a story to two children

How to Offer a Sensitive Santa Event

Ever notice that some children struggle when visiting Santa? You might witness both tears and terror in children. If you are responsible for organizing a Santa Claus event, there is a solution to make Santa welcoming to more children and enjoyed by more children. For many children, visiting Santa contributes to sensory overload. In particular

Young boy sitting on Sensitive Santa's lap whispering into his ear.

Make Your Child’s Visit to Santa a Success

Does your child struggle visiting Santa? For many children, going to see Santa is overwhelming. Visiting Santa can cause stress and anxiety. It can contribute to sensory overload. Children with sensory disorders or autism, visiting Santa is challenging because it is a sensory-rich experience. Your child may be upset, and not want to participate. Ultimately,

Grandparents and grandchildren gathered around the Thanksgiving dinner table smiling.

Host a Sensory Friendly Thanksgiving Event

For many people Thanksgiving is an exciting time of the year for family, friends, neighbours, congregations and communities to come together and celebrate. However, for a large number of children and adults, gatherings are overwhelming and stressful. Ultimately, this may deter many people participating in Thanksgiving celebrations. You can make people comfortable and be more

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At Home

Create a home life that is a fit for your family as a group and as individuals. Small sensory-friendly changes have huge impact.

At School

Manage student sensory sensitivity and sensory overload at school to foster development and learning.

At Work

Make your team productive and happy at work. Be comfortable working from home. Feeling comfortable in co-working spaces and public office buildings is an ongoing challenge.  

Things To Do

Find and choose sensory-friendly events and locations to make everyday life easier when sensory sensitivity or sensory overload are a challenge.

For Businesses

Make customers and clients feel comfortable at your event or location.  A better customer experience means new and returning clients


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