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Young students at school sitting at a table completing a writing activity.

How to Create a Sensory-Friendly Classroom

So you might think that a sensory-friendly experience or environment is something that happens at the movies, the theatre, or a store. Consider that a sensory-friendly environment is needed at school too! Many children, both with and without diagnoses of sensory disorders, have sensory sensitivities. Schools and teacher often do not know how to help

Two young business women running their sensory-friendly business.

How to Get Started With Your Sensory-Friendly Business

Are you like many other businesses? You want to increase your customer base. You are interested in being more accessible. Inclusion is important to you. Maybe, you’ve heard about sensory-friendly hours. Do you wonder if that is for you? You think you might already have some sensory-friendly features at your business. But, you don’t know

Young family sitting on hotel bed with suitcase while on a sensory-friendly vacation.

Plan a Sensory-Friendly Vacation

Are you planning your next vacation? Does a member of your family struggle with sensory sensitivity or sensory overload? Traveling can be stressful and challenging at the best of times! Especially so following COVID-19 and long periods of social isolation. A sensory-friendly vacation is a solution for a less stressful and more enjoyable vacation, be

Woman's hand holding a brown focus stone.

Fidgets: Not Just for Children

You often hear about and see fidget toys created for children. However, have you ever considered how these devices may also be helpful for adults? Sensory fidget toys for adults are truly “a thing!” If you are old enough, you may remember fiddling with a few coins in your pocket, twirling a pencil in your

Young woman sitting on couch with laptop reading a sensory-friendly email.

How to Create Sensory-Friendly Emails

Do you find yourself communicating more by email these days? Maybe you are working from home. Or, only going into the office some of the time. Ever receive an email that you simply don’t understand? On the other hand, have you ever sent an email that was misunderstood? These are common experiences for email users.

Young family sitting on beach towel at sensory-friendly beach.

Make your Beach Sensory-Friendly

Many people enjoy visiting the beach. However, did you know that some families avoid the beach? The crowds of people, loud noises and lack of shade can all be very overwhelming for children with sensory sensitivity. That is true for adults and seniors too! Have you ever considered making your beach sensory-friendly? There are easy,

Blog Posts By Category

At Home

Create a home life that is a fit for your family as a group and as individuals. Small sensory-friendly changes have huge impact.

At School

Manage student sensory sensitivity and sensory overload at school to foster development and learning.

At Work

Make your team productive and happy at work. Be comfortable working from home. Feeling comfortable in co-working spaces and public office buildings is an ongoing challenge.  

Things To Do

Find and choose sensory-friendly events and locations to make everyday life easier when sensory sensitivity or sensory overload are a challenge.

For Businesses

Make customers and clients feel comfortable at your event or location.  A better customer experience means new and returning clients


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