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Our blogs offer solutions for both! Learn about sensory sensitivities & get expert tips for sensory-friendly spaces. 

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Business Solution Topics

Accessibility, Inclusion and Sensory-Friendly Basics

Unleash the Magic for Everyone! Explore how accessibility, inclusion, and sensory-friendly practices can unlock a world of participation and joy. Learn how to build welcoming spaces

Case Studies

Stuck wondering how to make your business or organization truly inclusive? ** See real-world examples!** Our case studies showcase how others have successfully implemented accessibility and inclusion strategies. Get inspired and find solutions that work for you!

Arts, Entertainment and Recreation

Open the curtain on a wider audience! Explore how accessibility, inclusion, and sensory-friendly practices can transform your arts, entertainment, or recreation space. Attract and retain more patrons by creating unforgettable experiences for everyone

Office and Workplace

Transform your workspace! Learn how creating a sensory-friendly, accessible, and inclusive environment can boost employee well-being, attract top talent, and increase productivity.

Hospitality, Retail, Travel and Tourism

Unlock a wider audience and boost your bottom line! Make your events, locations, and experiences truly inclusive by incorporating sensory-friendly, accessible features. Attract new customers, build loyalty, and stand out from the competition.

Healthcare, Personal and Professional Services

Empower well-being and build trust! Foster sensory-friendly, accessible, and inclusive spaces for your patients and clients. Create environments where they feel comfortable, valued, and empowered to participate in their care or experience.


Level Up Learning! Make classrooms and virtual environments accessible, inclusive, and sensory-friendly for all learners.

Personal Solution Topics

Sensory Sensitivity and Sensory Overload

Unlock the Secrets of Sensory Experiences! Learn about sensitivity, overload, differences, and preferences. Empower yourself to create sensory-friendly solutions in your daily life.

At Home

Craft a Sensory-Friendly Home You’ll Love: Discover how to personalize your space to fit your family’s unique sensory needs and create a haven of comfort for everyone.

Religious, Seasonal and Holidays

Make Every Celebration Shine! Discover how to create inclusive, sensory-friendly experiences for all holidays, bringing your family and community together.

Blog Posts By Category


Learn how to make your event, location and workplace accessible and inclusive for your customers and your team. 

Sensory-Friendly 101

Understand sensory sensitivity, sensory overload and sensory challenges. Be empowered to create your own sensory-friendly solutions.

Parents, Caregivers, and Educators

Create a daily life at home that is a fit for your family’s sensory needs.  Make your classroom and community sensory-friendly for people of all ages with sensory challenges.


Get help to overcome challenges of COVID-19 pandemic that have increased the experiences of sensory sensitivity and sensory overload.


Discover simple changes that make celebrations and holiday events, like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas,  Ramadan, Holi and many more, accessible and inclusive at home, at your business, at your place of worship, and in your community.

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