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Learn about sensory sensitivity, sensory overload and sensory challenges.  

Discover sensory-friendly solutions as a person looking for sensory-friendly living, as a parent, caregiver, or  educator looking to help someone else, as well as a businesses or organization looking to become accessible and inclusive for its customers and team.

Small sensory-friendly changes have a large impact.

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Learn how to make your event, location and workplace accessible and inclusive for your customers and your team. 

Sensory-Friendly 101

Understand sensory sensitivity, sensory overload and sensory challenges. Be empowered to create your own sensory-friendly solutions.

Parents, Caregivers, and Educators

Create a daily life at home that is a fit for your family’s sensory needs.  Make your classroom and community sensory-friendly for people of all ages with sensory challenges.


Get help to overcome challenges of COVID-19 pandemic that have increased the experiences of sensory sensitivity and sensory overload.


Discover simple changes that make celebrations and holiday events, like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Ramadan, and Eid accessible and inclusive to many more people, at home, at your business and in your community.

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