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Social Isolation can be Harmful for Sensory Sensitivities

      We knew difficult times were ahead, but no one was prepared for a disaster that would see most of the...

Christina Martin: Sensory-Friendly shows online and IRL

      Canadian singer-songwriter Christina Martin is leading the charge to adopt sensory-friendly, inclusive performances at her shows around the world and...

Physical Disabilities and Coping with COVID-19

How can we continue to best accommodate those with physical disabilities and mobility challenges during COVID-19? We have all needed to...

Sensory Kids After Coronavirus: Getting Back to Normal

    'Back to normal' seems so far away. But what resources are in place to help you transition your kids back into...

Sensory Kids on Lockdown: Indoor Activities For Kids

    Many parents are now "caught between a kid and a workspace".  Now is the time to find indoor activities for...

Social Distancing for Boomers

Social Distancing for Boomers Practical information to keep our most vulnerable baby boomers and the silent generation safe from Coronavirus with...

Senior Shopping Hours during Coronavirus

Senior Shopping Hours during Coronavirus More and more stores, shops and essential establishments around the world are offering special senior shopping...

Welcoming Neurodiversity at a Public Library

Improving Services for Neurodiverse Children and Teens at Burnaby Public Library. -by Cristina and Denise Have you heard the term neurodiverse, neuroatypical...

Concussion: In One Second Everything Changes

Post-concussion Symptoms Have Changed My Life...

Sensory-friendly travel: 5 lessons

Sensory-Friendly Travel Does travel always mean sensory overload?  Especially for autism travel? Urbanization, crowding, noise, mass media, social media, technology, and the...

Being an autism Dad: A fathering autism story

A fathering autism story Being an autism dad As a child, I remember playing in the mud.  A lot. As a teenager,...

Mental Health for Startups: A Sensory Overload World

Mental Health for Startups and Founders in a Sensory Overloaded World   Ever since I was a kid, I have been impacted...

10 Ways to Make a Tourist Attraction Sensory-Friendly

10 Ways to Make your Tourist Attraction or Tourism Event More Sensory-Friendly Being sensory-friendly helps travelers and visitors who have sensory...

Sensory-friendly dentists: more than autistic patients

You make think sensory-friendly is just for dentists for adults with autism or autistic children.  However, many more people seek...

Why Sensory-Friendly in today’s world?

Why Sensory-Friendly in today's world? As you may or may not know, I was an occupational therapist for more than 25...

Jumping Jacks: A sensory-friendly store

Jumping Jacks Children's Boutique is a great example of a sensory-friendly store. Jumping Jacks Children’s Boutique was one of the first...

Darian’s Story: remember to celebrate success

Darian’s Story Darian's story is about how Darian and his mother taught me that everyone should be given the opportunity to...

Coworking space design: choose sensory-friendly

Sensory-friendly coworking space in shared offices. Coworking space design is a topic of interest in shared workspaces.  Large companies create coworking...

Sensory-friendly homes: autism and beyond

A sensory-friendly home:  autism-friendly home modifications and beyond to many other people! When I designed the apartment in my home, I...

Awesome trade show ideas:  sensory-friendly and more.

Trade show ideas:  both sensory-rich and sensory-friendly Are you looking for some awesome trade show ideas to make your next booth...

Good presentation skills:  make it sensory-friendly

Good presentation skills:  discover how to make it sensory-friendly What are the qualities of good presentations?  Presenting a workshop or at...

Productivity at work: love your workspace

Productivity at work:  love your workspace Productivity at work is by design, not happenstance.  One of the best ways to be...

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