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Your Gateway to All Things Sensory Friendly

SensoryFriendly.net, a fast growing online resource, provides the missing link between sensory friendly seekers and business owners.

A relatively “new term”, sensory friendly is something astute business owners will want to become apart of.


With up to 33% of the population experiencing some sort of sensory challenge, sensory friendly businesses would become the preferred and “go-to” providers for a large portion of the population.

“We wish the Sensory Friendly Finder had been created 20 years ago!  Travelling and shopping with our family, including our son with autism, was a constant challenge when our children were growing up.  We never knew where we could go out as a family to eat.  Would it be a noisy, crowded restaurant?  Would our son be able to cope?  Would we have to leave our meal half eaten?  We wasted a lot of time and money over the years.  Shopping was always a nightmare too; we couldn’t even go shoe shopping with our son. The Sensory Friendly Finder will help families like ours do things that other families take for granted every day.  We are so proud of our son, who is now studying at university.  But we truly wish there had been something like this to make our lives easier over the years”.

-Elaine and John Shannon, Rothesay, New Brunswick, Canada

Your business would benefit by offering a sensory friendly experience to this large and untapped segment of the population.

Does your business, event or attraction already cater to sensory friendly seekers? Get started today with a Free or Paid listing on SensoryFriendly.net that promotes your business.

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