The Best Books on Sensory Disorders for Parents

Many parents seek out sensory books for special needs children.  Parents are sometimes looking for sensory books for autism.  And then there are many parents wondering if their child is a ‘sensory kid.”  They are just looking to understand that concept on its own. While there is a link between autism and sensory, many children

What is Sensory Disorder?

Have you been told your child has a sensory disorder? Maybe a teacher, occupational therapist, psychologist or doctor mentioned it?  It’s scary to know that something is wrong with your child.  It’s frightening to hear words you may have never heard before to describe your child.   Some sensory words described There are a lot of different words

What Does Sensory Autism Mean?

What does sensory autism mean?  Sensory disorder is commonly associated with autism.  But, it is important to know that sensory and autism are not the same thing.  In addition, sensory autism is not a type of autism. This article explains more about sensory and autism.  In particular, how they overlap.  It is important to understand

boy at movie

What are Sensory Friendly Movies?

Have you seen sensory-friendly movies advertised? Maybe you wonder what: do sensory-friendly films mean? is an autism-friendly screening? is a relaxed screening? do sensory screenings mean then? is a sensory-sensitive movie? if they are all the same thing? What are sensory-friendly movies? A sensory-friendly movie changes your sensory experience.  This happens through what you hear. 

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