Sensory Friendly Solutions at Work

Make your team happy and productive at work. Be comfortable working from home. 

Small sensory-friendly changes have a large impact.

Find helpful podcast episodes and blog posts below. 

"I had my office space become sensory-friendly last year and it has made a huge impact on my business."
-Kerry Legere Jenkins, RMT, New Brunswick, Canada

Working from home is a new normal that few are prepared for.

Feeling comfortable in co-working spaces and public office buildings is an ongoing challenge.

There is the added stress of adjusting to going back and forth between a home office and work. 

A sensory-friendly environment improves workplace productivity and helps attract and retain employees.

Sensory Friendly Workstation Checklist

Sensory Friendly Workstation Checklist cover

Did you know that productivity at work is by design, not happenstance?  One of the best ways to be more productive at work is to make your space or office sensory-friendly.  Use this guide to work from home.  Give it to your team at work.  Pay attention to your senses at work and you will reap the rewards of being comfortable.

  • Address your eight senses at work
  • Set up your home office or workstation for success

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Work-Related Blog Posts

Work-Related Podcast Episodes

Renee Warren

Working From Home In a Pandemic with Renée Warren

Renée Warren, mom, serial entrepreneur, and mentor coaches us to expect downcycles as part of our lived experiences. She tells us to understand our own brain as a key to success in daily life. Renée advocates for curiosity as a powerful strategy to reducing our sensory overload.

Dr. Bill Wong speaking on stage at his TEDx talk

Dr. Bill Wong is Fighting On as an Autistic Adult

Dr. Bill Wong, occupational therapist, reveals his unexpected path to being diagnosed as an autistic adult while studying occupational therapy. He also shares the power of finding another adult occupational therapist with autism as a key turning point in his life. Dr. Wong’s motto is Fighting On and he works to mentor autistic adults and fellow occupational therapists around the globe about life with autism.

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